A daily deep screenshot..

Who knows what will I find inside that chest.. I hope nothing scary!




8 thoughts on “A daily deep screenshot..

  1. This game really looks amazing. I just saw the article on Touch Arcade about it and am really exited for it. My biggest wishes for it are for it to be smooth, and the controls to be good. You should move the pouch and mail/ quest things in the bottom left to the left side of the screen in the middle, and add left right buttons in the bottom left. And and a jump button in the bottom right corner. Also when it releases have a lot of updates for it to keep it fresh, and to fix bugs. If the games actually plays as good as it looks/ sounds, then this game will be extremely popular. You just have to get it featured by Apple, so more people can discover it. Keep up the good work!


  2. I just noticed you don’t jump to get up onto different blocks you just walk/ hop, and I actually like that. But it would be cool to jump also. Say to jump a gap or something.


  3. Sweet! everything in this game looks amazing but.. when ur destroying something and it shakes back and forth i think it looks kinda crappy. Would u consider doing it where chunks fall off every hit or sumthing?


  4. We already changed it to a different, less crappy, effect 😉 Small enhancements like falling chunks are always been in mind, the real fact is that we’re just a duo and we need to prioritize things, otherwise this project will never be released 😦


  5. Controls are still under heavy testing, our main purpose is to keep the whole thing really playable especially considering that we’re talking about an iOS app with touch device.. we didn’t like classical D-Pad + buttons approach just because it’s inflated and doesn’t give so much good controls, also assuming that you need to tap things around so you will have to switch from controls to everything else too much often. We’re trying to do the best but probably many enhancements will come on the go (also because we cannot be sure of playability without receiving mass feedbacks from users).. giving a free jump ability would be difficult because of precision, that’s why we’re looking for tricky but effective things..


  6. you could always just do a touch to move with prediction (so if there is a one block gap between where you are and where you touch, have hip hop across the gap). I really like the fact that you have gone with ‘big’ blocks and touch to interact controls! I think it really helps your game stand out both visually and in playability.
    That said, I don’t think the player character art really matches the world art… the game feels more ‘comical’ than he does. I hope thats more constructive than just criticism. 🙂


  7. As long as the controls aren’t, you touch somewhere and then he walks there, I’ll be happy. I think a left/ right button would be the best.


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