Whops! This is what happens when you need to change the save format of the world and you had an existing one.. This hurts a bit!


16 thoughts on “Ouch..

  1. Uhm, i have two questions, what devices will this support? and will there be multiplayer with game center and stuff?


  2. I’m afraid iPhone screen is too small for a game with precision like that. Are you targeting iPad as well? Anyways, waiting for September!


  3. Hi Steve, no multiplayer support is planned yet, leaderboards of various types are on the “todo” list (we highly doubt for september release), and yes, there are achievements, with the relative game center integration.


  4. Wait, you still haven’t answered my other question which was, what devices do you think this will support?


  5. I wonder how much memory this will take either way I am getting this . The game seems really fun for me just the way it is keep up the great work I can’t wait for september


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