The CraftBook

We were thinking about using tutorials or a similar approach to explain people how to build things, then we realized that it wasn’t going right with the spirit of the game.. so we decided to implement a CraftBook:

Of course this will need to be crafted too 😉 but it will be an useful reference!


8 thoughts on “The CraftBook

  1. U should put some kind of guide for beginners 😀 like the terraria guide but it could be like a flying guide.


  2. We’re thinking about it, maybe yes, maybe not. For sure we’ll try to join common crafts together (to avoid having like 6 different pages with similar crafts of different materials), then we would like to keep some crafts hidden, otherwise no fun. Let’s say it should be a reference for useful things, not something to exploit the exploration of the contents. 😀


  3. having hidden crafting things is great 😀
    do you thing it would also be like unlocking crafting pages too?


  4. Hidden crafting recipes would be awesome. You could definitely have some basic recipes already in the book to help us get started like the shovel. Though It would be terrific to have most of these recipes locked and then be recorded in the book once it has been crafted once. Also will there be some natural underground caves to explore as well?


  5. Amazing! i think i like this concept better than Minecraft, Terraria, OR, Total Miner: Forge. pretty nifty. or u could have it where you will get the recipe once you have found that certain material atleast once. 🙂


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