Caves and procedural generation..

While Xsx is doing a great work drawing lovely critters I must manage the hard job of procedural generation of  caves together with miscellaneous features that try to enhance the overall result.. Take a look at this screen directly from ingame minimap:

Result is so lovely! 😉


11 thoughts on “Caves and procedural generation..

  1. We still haven’t decided it, mainly because it will depend on testing phase.. to understand when we can consider it nor too small (for gameplay) nor too big (for performances). In any case it will surely be enough vast to keep exploration entertaining 🙂


  2. Wow look at those cool looking mushrooms. By the way what is that item in one of the caves is it a vase?


  3. what algorithms are you using for your cave generation? I assume you are using perlin noise for your terrain height, but the caves look like something else 🙂
    I love the geeky info, so please share that stuff too, thanks!


  4. wait, if this is an in-game mini map, wouldn’t this spoil the stuff you can see?? how are you going to implement a map?


  5. I suppose the vase will hold copper and silver coins Oh! and it will have the occasional bomb or glowstick or torch in it.


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