Critter tests!

We’re keeping our experiments with movement of mobs!

They seem to like to hop around the world..


18 thoughts on “Critter tests!

  1. Nice, I also like how you guys have a small glimpse of the sunset to show a small part of how the day/night transition will work.


  2. @Leenock: No, they are not tamable but I don’t exclude that feature if we’ll have enough players to consider cool updates, @Arien controls are screen-wise, you just slide and you move the character, you are not constrained to a dpad, the whole screen is a dpad, @David: yes, it should run on touch 3rd gen (just tried it on a 32gb 3rd gen that should have same CPU and RAM)


  3. So.. on my ipod wont moving my finger back and forth to move, block 1/4 of the screen? so that would mean most times i cant see whats infront of me? If it comes to that. could you add a d-pad type control?


  4. You can slide the fingers in the corner area, without covering the whole screen.
    Be assured that controls are one of our first priorities in the game.


  5. The game looks great ! It’s maybe a bit early to think about it but… Will we have the opportunity to play in multiplayer (at least 2 people) in Bluetooth or Wifi ? Thanks. 🙂


  6. I just came from the toucharcade website because someone mentioned this ( I was so board waiting and waiting for a game called manacraft to come out) when I saw this, straight away I just thought -awesome- 🙂
    And I was really excited when I heard that it will be coming out really soon 🙂
    Well anyway I know I’m new to this but -KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 😀


  7. I’d be happy with paying anything 🙂
    Well maybe not 50 dollars but you get what what I’m saying 😀


  8. Because we still haven’t decided it, it depends on how much work we still need to do 🙂 not so much expensive in any case, you can be sure!


  9. Thankyou 😀
    I’m glad that I can take part in all of this 🙂


  10. Hi, yes you have to slide slightly and then keep the finger down in a direction to move the character. You can’t just touch because that function is used to tap blocks directly with the finger


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