Junk Jack – Maya style!

Hey guys!

We’re still here to present another mockup for places that you will be able to find while exploring the world.. if you are lucky enough you will be able to find Mayan ruins!

Mayan Ruins Mockup

This is still a Xsx mockup, now it’s time for me to  make it a procedural reality 🙂

Stay with us for future updates!



13 thoughts on “Junk Jack – Maya style!

  1. You guys never cease to amaze me with all these great features, art, and programing your are both putting into this game. This is truly going to be the best app on itunes no doubt about that. 😀


  2. Hi guys at pixbits I think your game looks amazing and fantastic I was wondering if you would let me test a beta or alpha copy or whatever if I paid like $20 or something if not could you tell me roughly when in September you are planning your release email me @ fir3st0rm9@gmail.com


  3. Really like it 🙂

    I’m rather nervous about controls though. Like for instance how is Jack getting in and out of the hole to his left? Is there going to be a virtual control stick or something?
    Also we have all these pictures of him in caves but how is he going to get back up to the surface?

    Is this going to have mobs that attack you once it gets dark like minecraft does? Or will there be no mobs?

    Also looking to the future will there be updates with more areas added on or any IAPs?

    Keep up the good work!


  4. I have three things to say:

    1. I have the same concern as Matt, once the character goes down, how would they get back up? Would you be able to craft ladders or something and use those?

    2. You’ve mentioned that water might be in future updates, would the character be able to swim through that and find more secret caves, like an Atlantis cave possibly?

    3. I know you’ve said that it won’t be in the first version, but I think multiplayer would be a fantastic addition that you should definitely put thought into. However, could you have the multiplayer going directly through the app, instead of through Game Center?


  5. The controls are implemented in a way to help the player move the character with low effort, in a fun way. There is auto step up, and the action is done by tapping the mobs and blocks. Have you seen our youtube video?Follow the mouse movement, you’ll get the idea.

    There will be regular content updates – fixes – improvements after the release, it is our main goal if the game is well received by the community.


  6. So ever think of releasing a beta? i am super excited looks good! Oh i have an idea floating isles! you would find rare ores to make cool weapons 😀 please take this under consideration! Thanks!


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