Junk Jack Progress..

Hi all guys!

A little status update for this friday:


I’m working hard on the game sounds, searching, recording and preparing them for the game.


Jack, while is in his vacantion time, has done a lot of under the hood work to make sure the game works well in every way, he added also a lot of nice tweaks.. and there is still a lot of work to do!


We are doing our best to ensure the underground world is always various and different to look at, while being fun to play.

Game content

Lots of tweaks are being made, and we are adding new content and ideas constantly in the game.

So, no screenshots to see for now, but most of things that are being done will be reflected in the final quality of the game.

Other updates coming soon!

Thanks for reading.


11 thoughts on “Junk Jack Progress..

  1. I can’t wait for this game to come out, Im an avid minecraft player and I love to play adventure maps. This brings me to the question, will be able to share world saves with others? Maby in a way similar to Eden?


  2. This will be mostly possible, although maybe not with first release but shortly after. I was planning to make export possible through iTunes app documents. -Jack


  3. Yeah!!! Sound effects. I’m Glad to hear that you guys are at that stage already. Can’t wait to hear them!


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