Lighting Engine Prototype

In these 2 days I experimented enough with lighting engines, this is a prototype I came up with: It seems to give pretty results and it would be nice to implement it inside the game but I don’t know if I’ll make in time for release, probably this will come later (actually we will see, nobody knows, maybe if I feel inspired!).

Of course we kept our work going too, fixing many bugs and adding last buildable blocks (Xsx drew lovely things). Now we’re gonna go back to balancing the quests.. feel free to experiment with the prototype in the meanwhile 🙂



30 thoughts on “Lighting Engine Prototype

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiments. Very inspiring! Good luck for implementing this in time for the release (when?).
    Which SDK do you develop your game with? Or maybe it’s your own?


  2. Cool! I actually like your lighting prototype. It seems to work well. I sure hope you do get your inspiration to squeeze it in. However, I don’t want you to drive yourself crazy. So no worries if you can’t. I won’t be disappointed. I’m just so happy that both of you guys developed a game with so much character and detail in it. 😀 (Thumbs Up)


  3. Great engine guys! I’m glad to see you actually were going to incorporate torches.Lighting is great, game is great, developers are great 😉


  4. this game is going to be great. you r doing a great job. also ar torches going to be made with a coal like mineral or a item obtained by killing enemies


  5. this lighting is great. Does direct sunlight go all the way to the bottom of the world on only a certain number of blocks down?


  6. Yes, information on enemies WOULD be appreciated as far as When would we see them? Where would we see them? What do we fight them with? These questions have been lurking for a while so hopefully we can get it out of the way right here 🙂 Thanks again guys GREAT GAME!!!!!


  7. I have been following your blog for ages and I will buy this the millisecond it comes online, Just when is it coming online? I know its September but do you have a specific day?


  8. Hi guys, regarding the enemies.. we’re doing something else right now,and we don’t know what will fit the initial release.

    If we didn’t let you know anything so far that’s just because we don’t know it either.
    Thanks, and sorry for the lack of the responses!


  9. I have another question. Playing around with the simulator I noticed that as long as it was open to the sky, a “beam” of light went all the way to where it hits the ground, no matter how deep. In the game would we be able to craft a mirror to divert this flow of light in a specific direction, and maybe also some sort of “beam splitter” to turn that beam into two beams you could bounce around?


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