Ingame Dynamic Engine Screenshot

Hi guys, a quick update for today.
We have a fully working dynamic lighting engine, and we are totally excited by that!

Here is an ingame screenshot:

edit: here’s another screenshot that shows how it works in the darkness:

What do you think of it?
Soon other updates! 😀


27 thoughts on “Ingame Dynamic Engine Screenshot

  1. This picture made me think of something… Would light levels from the surface be darker during the night cycle as opposed to the day cycle?


  2. Theoretically yes, in practice I think the iPod/iPhone wouldn’t be able to computationally calculate the updates on the world easily so for now there is no change in outside brightness. We’ll see probably after the release, no further time to spend at the moment 😦


  3. Yes! Much better Pixbits. I think its a great addition and now we have to search rather then seeing every block material straight away. @pixbits No worries take your time.


  4. I want to know too, this game looks great, and even though there are a few more improvements you’re working on, I’d be satisfied with it if you released it right now as long as there were future updates! 🙂


  5. I like it! An thanks for the response about the the enemies. It will still be the best game on the app store even if it doesn’t have enemies at first. Either way I’m solo excited!! Keep up the good work!


  6. Seriously shut up.

    They’re going to release it when they’re ready and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    These constant nagging questions of “WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE OUT?!?!?!!?!?!?” are getting annoying and cluttering up the pages.


  7. Current formula, for any slot (quickslots included), has a 10% chance to destroy the whole slot and a 40% to destroy a random amount up to 50% of items contained in the slot.. but these are just intended as challenge gameplay, so maybe we’ll include a less punishing formula for casual players..


  8. So when you die where do you respawn?
    I’m guessing it would be at the mailbox?
    By the way I’m sorry for taking up space pixbits 😦


  9. Yes! This is what we want to know! Will it make late September? Also when is the next video coming out? And so arent those jumping skull things considered enemies? What is the scoop on those things????


  10. Hey guys, we are not answering your questions because we are busy here, and there is little time to look at the website at the moment, we are sorry about that.
    But we are doing our very best to make this a cool game!


  11. Holy Crap! Sorry PixBits, I think we all really got a bit…demanding. You guys are great and Ive never seen developers so attached to their community. Thank you guys!!!!!!!! I think all of us got a bit addicted to the constant updates…


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