Junk Jack Updates and Faq

Hi all guys, we have finally picked the beta testers.

Soon the chosen ones will get a mail with all the information they need.

We are busy developing, so pardon us for the lack of answers on our blog 😀

To help answering the most common questions we have prepared a faq that you can find here:


And.. we added shelves!

Stay tuned for more news!


55 thoughts on “Junk Jack Updates and Faq

  1. 🙂 🙂 Good work guys. Look at all that loot we could find. The shelves look spectacular. The question FAQ was helpfull and the picture is also a great toper. I’m so excited!


  2. Two questions, how many items does the chest hold? And, i noticed a statue on the top right shelf, can you place that or craft it somehow?


  3. I notice a little glowing sphere under the torch could that be a falling amber coming from the flame? That would be a nice little detail.


  4. For all the people that are asking about the shelves I think u just craft them then put them on the wall and random things are on them like the pictures in minecraft, or what would be cool is u get medals for quest and doing certain things that u could put on them.


  5. This game is defenetely the NEXT BIG THING! You two guys rock. My special praises to the coder. Man you’re sooo sick! You’re way too skilled! I bet you’re even good looking and handsome.. (Hope to deserve the beta now..)


  6. Wow Pixbits I don’t Realy like 2d games but this game, well I’ll probley play it more then minecraft this game looks fantastic I can almost guarantee this game will be at the top of the AppStore like angry birds or ninja fishing. But 99999999999999999999x better. Thanks


  7. Ah I just beat you announing the FAQ on the post below :L
    Looking so forward to this amazing game!!!

    Hopefully Beta Testers told this weekend, tons of time to play before school 😉
    Great pair of game makers game looks beautiful (my only dislike is the look of the charcter)
    Apart from that great pixel art 🙂



  8. I think you should remove the cigaret from the player. My son will be playing this game. I would greatly appreciate it if you could put an option in your setting so that the cigaret could be removed.

    Thank You,


  9. I apologize for my sons previous comments. I have taken away his privileges of posting on this blog. So you won’t be hearing from him again.


  10. They might not have contacted the beta testers yet. I quote, “Soon the chosen ones will get a mail with all the information they need”.


  11. i cant wait the game must be close to being out probley within a couple days after the weekend because it takes apple a couple days to get it on the appstore but i cant wait……………………………………


  12. Yay shelves! lol. You should add beds that skip the night. And I’m hoping I was one of the ones picked for the Beta!


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