Hi guys we are forced to close the…

Hi guys, we are forced to close the comments until we find a valid alternative (and time) to change from wordpress to something else, since WP doesn’t seem to like hundreds of comments, slowing down the blog badly. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


20 thoughts on “Hi guys we are forced to close the…

  1. sooo any ideas on when beta testers get emails?
    I can’t actually wait for this game!
    I hope i get into beta 😉


  2. So junk jack won’t be released this week? Because the beta isn’t even done yet. When u said u would try to release it on the last day of september did u mean the beta or full game? Thanks =]


  3. Hey Pixbits the game will probley hit the AppStore after the weekend right? Because it takes a couple days for apple. So my guess is probley next week of wensday or Thursday.


  4. This is actual word from pixbits from Touch arcade.com. “Well, we’ll probably start beta test by the end of september so everything will be slightly shifted (I guess mid of october).. sorry about that but as usually, we’re trying to do our best and every delayed day just means a more polished product.” – Pixbits. Game will probably not be out untill mid October. @Pixbits hey Pixbits you could check out flickr.com and make a group. Thousand of pictures and comments can be posted. The layout is not as nice as word press that has everything up front but it will work. You could check it out.


  5. wow so ur saying that it will come out around, october 10-20 and it will take apple 4-5 days to put it on the app store so its going to be like oct, 25th or around there.. i thought they ment the actual game not beta damn. o well im goig to have to wait like everyone else.


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