Junk Jack 1.0.4 Changelog (Awaiting for Apple approval)

Hi Guys! The new 1.0.4 Christmas update has been submitted to Apple..

And now, let’s wait the approval 😀

Here’s the changelog:

• New cold dirt block
• New cobblestone texture
• New clay look and sound
• Hold to break option
• New mob: chicken
• New mob: birds
• New mob: boar
• New mob: medium spider
• New mob: huge spider
• New mob: huge skull
• New mob: mother slime
• New mob: white rabbit
• New mob: snail
• New mob: bear
• New drops for every mob
• New Meat loots, everything can be cooked now
• Healing Potions
• Mithril Sword
• Consumable items cannot be consumed at maximum health anymore
• Mobs can now spawn according to depth
• Mobs now should properly spawn according to their min/max light values allowed
• Christmas balls that can be placed on spruce trees
• Wrapped box with Christmas goodies around the world!
• New rare componible treasure
• Climbable spiderwebs
• Christmas tree statue
• Snow balls that can be crafted into snow blocks or used as half blocks to decorate
• Snow blocks and snow bricks
• Cold biome
• Spruce trees (can be replanted like normal trees)
• Planting and regrowing of trees/cacti
• Restored stars for damage (blood was unnecessary and quite cruel!)
• Back layer correctly checks the tool that is used to break blocks
• Bone ladders and bone bridges
• Bone torch and purple goo torch
• Durability bars on some items that were unnecessary are not present anymore
• Version number in the title screen
• It’s now possible to hold craft button to keep crafting items
• Automatic version check to warn if an update is available
• Trapdoors
• Tapping a reachable addon will open inventory
• Fixed a bug that allowed items to be placed in X of inventory
• Fixed minor glitches with climbable vines
• Fixed crashes around the edges of the map
• Fixed crash while destroying ladders at the top of the world
• Fixed crash while placing items at the top/bottom of the world
• Fixed crash while opening inventory at the top/bottom of the world
• Inverted position of map button and craftbook button
• Restored timer for throwing items to an higher value
• Added reinforced door
• Changed wood chest craft
• Changed wood door craft
• Apple grows also on blue leaves
• Wood doors now have a chance to break when used

That’s all for now!