Weekly Junk #3

Hey guys, welcome to the Weekly Junk #3!

Let’s start with an update regarding the development status of the new Junk Jack version.

New monsters are coming, some new cool throwable weapons (some suggested by the users), new furniture, new placeable items that we hope you will like, food types, and lots of new rare treasures!
Last but not least, a lot of themed things are coming. Guess what they are?

We’re also working on .. something new .. an announcement will come out soon. 😉

Let’s see the community creations now!

Check out the adventure map “Dwarven town” by our forum user Onura!

The original forum link is here:


And.. take a look at the Jungle Mountain by Thetaupe:

Impressive work 😀

That’s all for now!

Have you got a nice creation, mod or something that you would like to see featured?

Post it on our forums here:


The best ones will be featured in the next Weekly Junk!