Junk Jack 1.2.2 update has been submitted to Apple! (waiting for approval)

Hi there!
The new Junk Jack 1.2.2 update has been submitted to Apple! It features a whole bunch of bugfixes, new halloween themed mobs, treasures, and things to find!
We’ll let you know when the update is approved, hopefully soon this time 🙂

Here is the changelog:

New Features:

• A new option has been added that keep game unpaused with inventory/map/book opened.
• New brewing barrel addon.
• 25+ new cooking crafts.
• New plantable hops.
• 4 New rare statues.
• Throwable knives!
• Slingshot weapon, use it to throw small rocks at mobs!
• Throwable shurikens!
• Placeable camp fire that can be used for basic cooking.
• Placeable fireplace block.
• Placeable carpet block.
• A new achievement has been added.
• 3 new mobs!
• More than 15 new rare treasures!
• A new rare chest can be found in the world.
• Halloween Pumpkins can be found in the world!
• A new craftable chest has been added.
• 10+ new crafts have been added.
• 3 new hats have been added to the shop.

Bug Fixes:

• Cocoa tree can be correctly destroyed without crashes.
• You can now milk a cow unlimited times.
• Taming collar craft now requires copper bars instead of silver.
• Various wrong treasure offsets fixed.
• Various craftnote typos fixed.
• Stone merlon moved under the right craftbook category.
• Putting Junk Jack in background will automatically trigger pause view.
• Damage on character is correctly inhibited for one second upon receiving damage from any source.
• Items thrown from inventory will bounce correctly even when player is not aligned to center of block.
• Sticky bombs thrown at world limit won’t crash the game neither explode anymore.
• Ghost items shouldn’t remain anymore when placing items.
• Unhittable blocks are properly indestructible with bare hands.
• Removed the duplication glitch with crafting and tap to move on.
• Arrows don’t stick on world limit anymore, they just disappear.
• Sapphire encrusted tools now properly work (shovels and swords).
• Compact sand is now properly identified as sand (eg you can plant cactus on it).
• Wheat is now easier to find.
• Increased stone merlon craft output to 4.
• Left sloped bricks hardness fixed.
• Fixed white sheep health.
• Jungle tree base makes the right sound.
• Walking on glass makes the right sound.

more GREAT news are coming soon 😉