The (not so) Weekly Junk #5

H guys, welcome back to the (not so) Weekly Junk!
Sorry for the lack of news, the past weeks were really busy finishing the new Halloween Update, and developing the new project.

Let’s take a look at our community:

Our Member Tye-Dye is looking for “actors” for his Junk Jack themed music video.
The movie will be recorded in Minecraft, and the song will be sold on iTunes, with all the revenue going to charity.

Are you interested? Check out the forum thread below:

We also found that Mastery is working on a really cool adventure map called “Voyage to Whiterook Keep: The Cow Snatchers”.

Make sure to keep an eye on that! 🙂

Here is the forum thread:

Take also a look at the tree house by The Taupe!

Very nice, as usual 🙂 Keep impressing us 😀

Have you got a nice creation, mod or something cool that you would like to see featured?

Post it on our forums here:

The best ones will be featured in the next Weekly Junk!