Junk Jack 1.2.4 – St Valentine Update is out!

Hello people!

Apple just approved version 1.2.4 of Junk Jack that removes the Chrismas theme (finally we’d say) and brings some minor fixes and some stuff for St Valentine!

New Features:

  • Removed Christmas theme and mobs
  • New St. Valentine bunny!
  • New rare St. Valentine Chest
  • New St. Valentine Bow
  • New St. Valentine Arrows
  • Tiny consumable St Valentine hearts can be found in the world
  • New rare Spider statue
  • New rare Stone Golem statue
  • New rare Worm statue
  • New rare Mummy Pharaoh statue

Bug Fixes:

  • Falling on blocks will make the correct block sound
  • The inventory outline for the cactus is now correct
  • It’s possible to hold on an item in a craftbook page to open its craft page (if it’s craftable)
  • It’s possible to hold on an addon label in a craftbook page to open its craft page
  • Player doesn’t get stuck inside blocks anymore when placing blocks on him
  • Wrapped ribbon decoration can now be placed on blocks adjacent to player
  • Jungle tree now makes the right sound when hit

As you can see this update is minor compared to the huge updates we did so far, this because we’re so busy building the foundations for the sequel of Junk Jack that we simply couldn’t do better than this. We hope you understand that 🙂

Now go and update the game on your devices, have fun with Junk Jack!