Junk Jack X v2.0.1 is out!

Hello followers!

Junk Jack X version 2.0.1 has been finally approved by Apple! We had to wait a lot of days this time, we guess because Apple was busy with its new products..

This minor version addresses first batch of bugs and issues reported by users and tweaks some aspects of the gameplay.


  • added a marker in super map which shows last tile in which you died (to help you find your goods)
  • added a save reminder which reminds you to save while playing, the reminder is togglable by a new option in Misc enabled by default
  • added an option in Misc to rename or edit gender, skin or hair style of your player
  • added an option in Misc which disables dropping items upon death when playing as client in automatch games
  • added a cooldown of 60 secs that prevents you from dropping your inventory while dying just after entering a world (either single or multiplayer)
  • added a bad words filter for multiplayer char in Options->Misc
  • lowered the volume of drag and drop sounds
  • wurstel craft added
  • the bed craft is available at the beginning
  • fixed some objets hardnesses and wrong tool requirements
  • revamped placeable sand block graphics
  • fixed purple iris missing pixels
  • increased iron quantity in terra
  • increased coal near the surface in terra
  • some mobs will now be hurt when in full daylight
  • mobs light spawn settings tuned in terra
  • fine tuned the spawn settings for the other planet mobs
  • reduced terra critters spawn chance
  • tweaked four clover drop rate
  • tweaked terra rocks height and distribution
  • bed now restores full health
  • added an option to reset beginner tips
  • radically increased treasure despawn time
  • radically increased even more despawn time of items dropped upon death
  • modified save procedures to be safer
  • fixed 2 rare issues which could delete player data or worlds
  • fixed a rare issue that might save a remote world on a client
  • fixed a crash related to dragging item out of forge while they’ve been consumed
  • fixed a crash related to canceling join of a local multiplayer game that didn’t reset correct status
  • fixed a crash related to opening the craftbook or selecting a craftbook craft with simple craft
  • fixed a bug that kept keyboard open on clients when disconnected from host
  • fixed a bug that didn’t drop certain items upon death of a client player with simple craft enabled

and keep last slot empty option enabled

  • decreased some seth mobs health
  • fixed a bug that prevented client players from using hoe correctly
  • added a tooltip that explains super zoom in minimap
  • added some tooltips to guide players through the first craft with simple craft
  • continuous time is now by default off when installing the game in a new device
  • added a sound when switching inventory subviews (equip, chests, craft grid etc)
  • added a tooltip that warns you that you discovered a new recipe when crafting an item undiscovered in advanced craft
  • added the sound of chest quickstack action
  • removed the useless “close inv. to book” option and corrected the behavior of switched views
  • the bought status of free shop items is now correctly saved between sessions
  • fixed wrong creative world flags for grey wood blocks
  • now the available addon is correctly retained between book and inventory views
  • fixed (hopefully) the sky transitions lag on a4 retina devices
  • fixed the main menu and sky background on wide devices
  • enabled low graphics settings for devices with less RAM by default
  • many other minor fixes and tweaks

Another minor patch, v2.0.2, is under development and will be sent to Apple soon.