Junk Jack X 2.1 Christmas Update is out!

Hi guys and gals, the Christmas update with a complete new planet and many other features and fixes is here! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you by the Pixbits Duo!


Here are the new features:


  • 2 new iaps
  • a complete new ice planet, Cryo, has been added! Who will discover it first?
  • more than 40 new mob types with man new unique loots
  • new frozen music tracks by Bright Primate
  • weather system: rain and snow have been implemented! More weathers will come in the future!
  • craftable fireworks: up to 4 stages mixed with your own dyes for a total of ~50000 different possible fireworks
  • a new powerful ore used to craft strong tools and armor
  • more than 10 new placeable blocks
  • more than 10 new placeable objects
  • more than 10 new alien plant types
  • Terra is now Christmas themed!
  • new discoverable Christmas gifts!
  • new placeable Snow Man
  • new placeable Christmas lights, stockings, baubles and bells
  • new placeable Christmas wreath
  • 3 new Christmas themed plant types
  • 2 new Christmas themed trinkets
  • craftable paper wrapping to wrap items into gifts and give them to your friends!
  • a new rare Christmas tree sapling to discover
  • 10 new delicious Christmas cooking recipes
  • 4 new rare statues
  • 3 new unique armor sets
  • 3 new unique weapon sets
  • many more new unique and craftable weapons and equipments
  • new crafting materials and recipes to discover
  • the rare falling star is back!
  • gem enchants don’t give total immunity to elements anymore but 25% damage reduction
  • all immunities in equip have been tweaked and balanced to reflect the new resistances
  • immunities become resistances: they are not ON/OFF anymore but they’ll reduce damage from 0% to 100% like defenses
  • added an automatic check that will ask to try to recover your world if game crashed during loading
  • you can set your favorite world by holding your finger on its button in world list
  • added a button in creative mode which can stop and start world time
  • togglable extended tooltips for items
  • advanced shader graphical effects for sky with weather (available with a togglable option)
  • a longer section that explain equip bonuses in the tutorial


  • premium items bought as IAPs can’t be added to trades anymore
  • you can now tap items in a trade to see their names
  • fixed a physics issue with items pushed away from tiles being filled by the player
  • global chest locks now blocks forges too
  • chest locks can now be applied on forges
  • crafts that require specific materials (water/milk buckets, milk glass) will now give the empty container back (when you have room and it is appropriate for the craft)
  • changed rough violet rock color to green to give more variety to block colours
  • dungeon chest locks can’t be removed with a hammer anymore
  • fixed a bug when removing two equal items from a trade
  • fixed some achievements that were incorrectly reported by the game
  • fixed a crash related to opening a trade with inventory already opened
  • fixed many crashes crashes related to trade updates sent to a client with trade interface closed
  • fixed a crash related to mobs spawned by blocks in multiplayer creative worlds
  • fixed a crash with some accented letters when used in chat
  • fixed a crash when editing a sign that is destroyed by another player
  • fixed (finally) map generation to avoid liquids on bedrock and prevent related crashes
  • fixed a crash related to having items in trade while the other player canceled the trade
  • fixed a crash related to symbols used on inventory slots
  • fixed a crash related to a client that is trying to place item on shelves/showcases
  • fixed a nasty bug that made the game crash after getting disconnected from a game in multiplayer
  • fixed chasing mobs behavior in multiplayer: they now chase the nearest player
  • fixed a crash that occurred sometimes on clients on connection drop
  • fixed a crash related to “Hold to Break” option that incorrectly reset the periodic break
  • fixed a crash caused by a client trying to gather item in a multiplayer game
  • many other bugfixes, tweaks and improvements