Junk Jack 2.1.1 is out!

Hi guys, Apple just approved Junk Jack X version 2.1.1! This patch was solely meant to remove the Christmas theme, but we managed to include some other minor features and a bunch of bugfixes.

Here is the changelog:

New features: 

  • glass blocks can now be dyed
  • craftable carpets can now be dyed
  • curtains can now be dyed
  • added a flat generation option for creative worlds
  • added a way to generate seasonal worlds for Terra (Autumn and Winter for now)
  • added a new specific view for world generation options
  • new craftable cuckoo clock and pendulum clock
  • new craftable wood scaffolding

Tweaks and bug fixes: 

  • added an alert that reminds you to enable bluetooth when hosting a local game
  • fixed a bug which applied liquid effect of tile above the player in certain situations
  • fixed a bug that applied drowning just on water (now it’s correctly applied to all liquids)
  • fixed crashes related to strange character in player/world names (this fix is retroactive)
  • rebalanced Terra weather to be less wintry
  • portals no longer spawns with decorations (ores, stone slabs, etc) on them
  • items with durability < max can no longer be gift wrapped
  • drowning resistance is not correctly shown in extended tooltips
  • fixed Eggsellent achievement
  • fixed Golden Egg item name
  • fixed a graphic artifact on underground vines
  • fixed Blue Ice Iris wrong variant
  • weapon stand can now be placed on ground only
  • granite columns head height fixed
  • dark bricks now have their drop correctly set
  • Midnight stone blocks now have their drop correctly set
  • fixed Old Glyph set wrong graphics
  • removed snow from normal trees
  • Red Cobra now correctly drops Red Serpent Scales
  • Magenta Crocodile on Cryo now has its drop table correctly set
  • big sharp ice crystal variants tile correctly now
  • fixed wrong Raw Ice sound
  • fixed Wood Spear and Simple Bed equivalence craft
  • removed christmas theme
  • Papyrus can now be planted on sand
  • fixed a bug that incorrectly refreshed item in hand when using simple craft
  • Milk Glass craft now requires 3 Empty Glasses
  • fixed loot drop chances from Rough Red Dirt blocks
  • adjusted some incorrect furniture graphics placement
  • fixed magenta paint which wasn’t correctly removed from liners

Stay tuned for more major content updates and features coming in the future patches, though!