Junk Jack X 2.1.6 Easter Update is out!

Hello followers, the Easter update with new tamable dogs, cats and more pets, easter stuff, new mobs, a fully fledged chemistry system, a new spring biome and much more is here!

Happy Easter by Pixbits!


New features:

  • New craftable Chemistry Lab block
  • You can now create potions by mixing reagents with the Chemistry Lab
  • Roughly 100 different potion effects (with a supported maximum of 1024 effect for the future)
  • Almost all potion effects can have different duration and effect strength for a total amount of ~6000 potions
  • Potions combinations will be discovered and saved in your craftbook
  • New craftable Cottage Bricks and the relative half block and sloped blocks
  • Added a life leech effect (base 0.0) which heals the player when delivering damage to a mob
  • Added both melee and ranged critical chance to player attacks (with a base of 5% chance)
  • Added an option (enabled by default) which skips saving world when battery is low to avoid potential data corruption
  • Added an option which enables an extended player stats panel that shows more information
  • 4 new iaps
  • 5 new tamable dog types, male and female
  • 5 new tamable cat types, male and female
  • 5 new tamable bird types, male and female
  • 3 new tamable rabbit types, male and female
  • All new pet breeds are spreaded around the planets, collect and breed them
  • You can now summon a pocket animal by placing its item in the trinket slot: it will follow you around!
  • 16 new rare pocket companions that will follow you in your adventure if put in the trinket slot
  • New cat house block
  • New kennel block
  • New bird perch block
  • New rabbit hutch block
  • New terra mob: brown fox
  • New terra mob: deer
  • New terra mob: ground hog
  • New terra mob: duck
  • New cork oak tree which grows acorns
  • New white wood type and crafts, make new cool creations with it!
  • Cork oak drops bark material
  • New craftable cork chunk block
  • Some trees now rarely drop bark
  • Terra is now spring and easter themed
  • New apricot spring tree with its relative fruit
  • New plum tree with its relative fruit
  • New pink leaves block
  • New vimini basket that drops easter goodies which include:
  • Equippable bunny ears
  • Equippable easter egg hat
  • Chocolate bunnies
  • Colorful easter eggs
  • Easter wreath and many more!
  • Easter block ribbons, place it on blocks
  • New recraftable beehives can now be found in spring biomes, craft honey recipes with them
  • New replantable tulip flower
  • New replantable daisy flower
  • New craftable beer mug
  • 20 new fresh cooking crafts
  • 12 new rare paintings have been added
  • Added a rare toy as a tribute to Flappy Bird

Bug Fixes:

  • Pocket pets now display their gender in the treasure graphics
  • Improved player movement net-code to prevent out-of-sync
  • Fixed some crashes related to out-of-sync position of players in multiplayer games
  • Fixed a small graphical glitch in the low graphics terra sky
  • Stabled cows now have a chance to drop a wood bucket of milk
  • Stabled sheeps now have a chance to drop raw wool
  • Immunities in mini stats panel will be shown only when 100%
  • IAP items can’t be gift wrapped anymore
  • Pigs won’t spawn at dusk anymore
  • All the fruit graphics has been redrawn
  • Revamped most of the cooking craft graphics
  • Terra rocks back layer is slightly darker now
  • Fixed (hopefully) a bug that shown huge characters in minimap
  • Reimplemented bone dust to allow growing (not with every use) any kind of plant at any stage
  • Fixed bone dust behavior in multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug that left some tree parts growing after destroying the trunk
  • Now colored blocks/objects will be colored even in super minimap
  • Fixed a small graphical glitch in the steel column
  • New creative section arrows graphics
  • You can now tap items in forge crafts inside craftbook to see their names
  • Fixed a graphical glitch in wood fence
  • Fixed a bug that affected destruction of wood fences from below
  • Fixed some weird synchronization issues with multiplayer forges that allowed duping
  • Weather status is now saved inside the world file
  • Now bullets apply correct damage according to damage bonus of the player that shot them
  • White leaves now have correct transparency
  • Removed red dye from Carpet craft
  • Wood scaffolding graphics now shows that you can fall between them
  • Clocks are now available in creative mode
  • Tapping a clock now properly shows the current time of the day
  • Fixed a bug which caused decorations to be dyed when overlapped with allowed dyed objects

That’s all for now!




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