Junk Jack Universe Map

Hi guys and gals! It’s time for a little update, we’re really busy working on the game engine, constantly adding content and features to enhance the gameplay experience! We rewrote the whole game engine to be almost totally cross-platform while we’re doing some tests regarding cross-platform multiplayer.

Currently we’ve been able to launch the game on Windows and OS X operating systems but much work is still to be done! 

Today we present you the Junk Jack star map! 

You start the adventure in Terra, then, by finding and assembling portal pieces, you will be able to explore new worlds as shown in the map.

Each planet is carefully hand crafted and unique in its own way, with different themes, monsters, equip pieces, blocks, and much more stuff. 

More details about the planets and its contents are coming soon, so stay tuned!

What do you think? Leave a comment below!



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