Junk Jack X 2.4.8 Christmas Update is here!

Ho Ho Ho! Apple has just approved Junk Jack X 2.4.8 Christmas update!

Junk Jack Christmas Update is here!

This version adds a new planet called Umbra with new mobs, treasures to discover and many mobs with unique drops, a new physics engine, a new fancy equip system, completely revamped player graphics and equip pieces, a new user interface and many fixes throughout the whole game. Zombies will also throw snowballs to you in the new Christmas themed Terra!

Merry Christmas by Pixbits!


  • A new spooky planet called Umbra with new mobs, weapons, equip pieces, blocks and objects has been added
  • The new planet portal chests can be found in new generated Terra worlds
  • A new special flying type of monster has been added, bats!
  • Terra is now christmas themed, with themed objects, treasures and a new christmas zombie mob
  • more than 20 new monsters
  • many new placeable objects and blocks
  • many weapons to discover
  • many equip pieces to discover
  • 4 new unique music tracks
  • fancy equip system, to dress like how you want while wearing the best armor pieces!
  • physics engine has been completely rewritten to be more accurate and believable
  • the new flying behavior for monsters, bat is just the first one, more will come in the future!
  • the User Interface has been completely redrawn
  • new more modern Junk Jack logo
  • streamlined block and object removal rules accordingly to their appropriate tools
  • new energy bar system which opens many possibilities for the future (currently used for underwater breath reserve)
  • chest interface now has the color of the opened chest
  • the main player sprite has been redrawn, with new appearance and animations
  • all equip pieces are new, better looking with more details
  • many small things are changed, enhanced or removed to keep consistency with the ongoing desktop version of the game
  • fixed broken trading system
  • fixed a multiplayer craft related to client crashing after exiting from the game
  • added missing objects and mobs to creative
  • added some missing crafts
  • many bug fixes throughout the whole game, too many to list here!

We hope you’ll enjoy this patch! We didn’t have time to add more features but we’re working hard on the cross-platform engine for the release of the game on desktop platforms and, since we want to keep the iOS version as much coherent as possible with the other upcoming version,  we had to focus a lot on things “behind the scenes”!


4 thoughts on “Junk Jack X 2.4.8 Christmas Update is here!

  1. The Fishing, I want to be simple of fishing, I do not have to bend the neck staring at the phone to get cervical disease, when fish get the hook when,I can hear the tip sound ,or other. thanks.


  2. Will you ever make an android version?? I bought the game some time ago when I had my Iphone and I decided to go for an android so there’s my question, I think that is the next step you might wanna do Pixbit!! I’l buy it again if it ever arrives to android


  3. Hello devs, nice update 😀

    I was out JJX since 2015 January (about an year ago), and I want to know if I need to create a new world and recreate my house to this new update has effect on it, or if the map is auto upgraded to the last version.

    Other question I have, I just have one map for the house and other for mining and that kind of stuff, If i stay with the “old” house map, when I get the new items in other maps, can I still storage it in the old house map storage room? Or will the items disappear?


  4. The newest Junk Jack update won’t install on my ipad4. My ipad software is current. Any ideas on why the new update won’t install on my ipad4? Thank you.


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