Junk Jack for Android, out now!

Hello everyone, we’re proud to announce that Junk Jack for Android is out now!

The game can be considered as an early release, all features from iOS counterpart are present (except for multiplayer which is still under development) but there could be issues related to the fact that Android ecosystem has so many different devices.

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixbits.junkjack

Please let us know any issue you might find!

Have fun playing Junk Jack!

8 thoughts on “Junk Jack for Android, out now!

  1. Can I sync my game progress from Steam? I don’t want to start all over again. But playing on my tablet is more convenient rather than playing on my laptop. Thanks.


  2. This is great! Been playing since whichever version was available on the iPod touch 2, up until the Steam release and now this. Super fun game to play, glad to see it come so far!


  3. hi dev, great job with the game!
    i was just wondering….

    1. if i want to play your game 24/7, do i need to purchase a copy of the game on IOS( for my ipad) and a copy on steam ( for PC) ?

    2. does it sync automatically ?


  4. I play this device across three different devices on occasion, my PC, my iPad, and my Phone (Android). I was wondering if you will make cloud sync/save an option?


  5. Very nice article. With more number of developers working remotely say on outsourcing basis, access to localhost will help them to work for their clients by being part of their organization itself. With mobile web development local host access available on the smartphones, world will become smaller place for developers.


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