Junk Jack 1.2.3 Christmas update has been submitted to Apple! (waiting for approval)

Hi fellow miners!

The Junk Jack 1.2.3 Christmas update has been submitted to Apple!
It features new mobs, blocks, hats, achievements, themed stuff, weapons, crafts and much more 🙂

Here is the changelog:

New features:

• 4 hats have been added to the shop
• 10 new achievements!
• New craftable curing star
• The world has now a snowy appearance!
• New ice block
• Revamped Snow Bricks
• Revamped Snow Blocks
• Trees are now covered in snow!
• New throwable snow ball
• New rare placeable christmas tree can be found underground
• New christmas decorations can be found underground
• New placeable christmas bells craft
• New placeable christmas balls craft
• Brown Bears are back with revamped graphics!
• New white bear mob
• New big penguin mob
• New small penguin mob
• New frosty mob
• New falling star mob
• New placeable butcher’s broom!
• New placeable christmas candles
• New ice arrows, freeze monsters with them
• New ice shurikens, used to freeze mobs
• New ice sword weapon
• New Bear Claw weapon
• New placeable christmas light bulbs
• New placeable hanging star
• New craftable christmas chest
• New craftable frosty head
• New revamped placeable snow man
• New christmas biscuits and more than 10 christmas treasures
• New wrapped paper craft, use it to wrap blocks and give them a christmas look!
• Bonedust has a chance to force the growth of a plant when used on it
• It’s now possible to jump from the top of a ladder or a bridge
• It’s now possible to jump vertically from beneath a bridge

Bug fixes:

• Some wood objects have a new wood break sound
• Fireplace has now christmas socks on it
• Zombie and skeletons are now Christmas themed!
• Physics engine has been tweaked to work seamlessly on older devices (no more slides of entities anymore)
• Sloped block crafts now require a workbench
• Climb movement is slightly faster
• Fixed jump animation frames
• Blocks that yield fruits cannot be broken with bare hands anymore
• Removing fruits from trees and items from shelves now is possible only with bare hands but from any distance
• Fixed a bug that caused crashes with quickslots that were emptied and filled again
• Fixed a bug that caused ghost items to remain in a quickslot
• Fixed the bug which made the character float when sliding during explosions
• Most sounds now are faded according to the player position
• Hurt effect on player now has the correct brightness according to his tile
• Pumpkin skin graphical hand glitch has been fixed
• Now TNT has a special graphical variant when ignited
• Fixed a bug that kept TNT on basalt blocks after explosion
• Removing a deco from a tile doesn’t start to break it anymore
• Tilling an untilled dirt block doesn’t start to break it anymore
• Trees have been mildly revamped
• Naturally growing leaves and blue leaves are now non solid blocks
• Placing an item on a shelf will place the same variant that you have in your inventory
• Dead tree now makes correct sound when hit
• Fixed a bug which made fruits on trees glitch their hanging status
• Now climbable vines correctly updates their sprites when destroyed
• Some jungle decorations now correctly allow treasures and mob inside them
• Chairs and tables can now be correctly placed without a background block
• Dark stone can now be mined just with its correct tool
• Fixed compact sand hardness
• Fixed compact sand wrong footstep sound
• Fixed bamboo bridge wrong sounds
• Increased Wood Fence craft output to 2
• Slightly increased sapling drop rate on trees

We’ll let you know when Apple approves it!


Junk Jack 1.0.4 Changelog (Awaiting for Apple approval)

Hi Guys! The new 1.0.4 Christmas update has been submitted to Apple..

And now, let’s wait the approval 😀

Here’s the changelog:

• New cold dirt block
• New cobblestone texture
• New clay look and sound
• Hold to break option
• New mob: chicken
• New mob: birds
• New mob: boar
• New mob: medium spider
• New mob: huge spider
• New mob: huge skull
• New mob: mother slime
• New mob: white rabbit
• New mob: snail
• New mob: bear
• New drops for every mob
• New Meat loots, everything can be cooked now
• Healing Potions
• Mithril Sword
• Consumable items cannot be consumed at maximum health anymore
• Mobs can now spawn according to depth
• Mobs now should properly spawn according to their min/max light values allowed
• Christmas balls that can be placed on spruce trees
• Wrapped box with Christmas goodies around the world!
• New rare componible treasure
• Climbable spiderwebs
• Christmas tree statue
• Snow balls that can be crafted into snow blocks or used as half blocks to decorate
• Snow blocks and snow bricks
• Cold biome
• Spruce trees (can be replanted like normal trees)
• Planting and regrowing of trees/cacti
• Restored stars for damage (blood was unnecessary and quite cruel!)
• Back layer correctly checks the tool that is used to break blocks
• Bone ladders and bone bridges
• Bone torch and purple goo torch
• Durability bars on some items that were unnecessary are not present anymore
• Version number in the title screen
• It’s now possible to hold craft button to keep crafting items
• Automatic version check to warn if an update is available
• Trapdoors
• Tapping a reachable addon will open inventory
• Fixed a bug that allowed items to be placed in X of inventory
• Fixed minor glitches with climbable vines
• Fixed crashes around the edges of the map
• Fixed crash while destroying ladders at the top of the world
• Fixed crash while placing items at the top/bottom of the world
• Fixed crash while opening inventory at the top/bottom of the world
• Inverted position of map button and craftbook button
• Restored timer for throwing items to an higher value
• Added reinforced door
• Changed wood chest craft
• Changed wood door craft
• Apple grows also on blue leaves
• Wood doors now have a chance to break when used

That’s all for now!