Junk Jack Christmas update is available on the App Store and Play Store!

Hello miners, it’s Christmas once again! This update adds rare fossils on all planets which can be combined to form unique creations by assembling their pieces!

Terra is now Christmas themed with presents all over the surface which contain unique loot! Capture and breed the new reindeers, fight Christmas themed zombies and skeletons and find the new Pocket Santa pet! Last but not least Junk Jack now supports the new iPhone X screen format!

Merry Christmas by the Pixbits duo!

• Game is now optimized for iPhone X display
• Terra is now christmas themed!
• zombies and skeletons are now Christmas themed
• added presents on Terra surface which contain many cool treasures!
• new Pocket Santa pet!
• new discoverable fossils have been added on all planets!
• new breedable reindeers!
• new craftable reindeer stable!
• fixed wrong offset on some mobs
• fixed doors which weren’t blocking player in certain situations
• fixed a crash while holding on specific items in creative inventory
• fixed Pixbits Shirt and Tiny Jack which didn’t stay in inventory after quitting
• fixed minor bugs
• fixed some stability issues which could lead to random crashes while playing
• fixed some pocket pets not working correctly

Junk Jack Christmas update is available on the App Store!

Ho Ho Ho, it’s Christmas time! This update makes Junk Jack Christmas themed with a snow biome, presents filled with treasures and themed mobs. Decorate your home with the new ornaments, treasures, lights and much more!

By popular request we have increased tools and weapons range starting from iron and fixed many reported bugs. Thanks for your support!


Merry Christmas by the Pixbits duo!


• Terra is now christmas themed!
• zombies and skeletons are now christmas themed
• added presents with many cool treasures!
• increased range of tools/weapons
• reduced hardness of some blocks
• fixed wrong offset on some mobs
• decreased forge build time in Simple Craft mode
• slightly increased crossbow dart damage
• fixed crashes when interacting with blocks with potions which enables you tool effects
• fixed rotation of top objects which was incorrectly reset when placing a rear block
• added missing chat sound
• fixed minor bugs

Junk Jack 3.0 update is out!

Hello! Today we’re releasing a big content patch which adds more than 250 treasures to be discovered, we call it the treasure hunt season! We also added a new end game planet named Tor, which can be reached from Mykon, with lots of new monsters, equip pieces, treasures and blocks. Planets have been tweaked and should be more varied and fun to explore, we redrawn a lot of mobs and made many balance tweaks and bug fixes.


We’re quite satisfied with the progress made to the game and we think the game is mature enough to be released in full form on Steam, so please let us know what you think of this patch!

After the release we’ll continue with the updates, to improve Junk Jack even more.

Happy treasure hunting!


  • treasure hunt season is now open! We added more than 250 unique rare treasures in chests. Happy hunting!
  • new planet reachable from Mykon: Tor! Make sure to generate a new Mykon Adventure or you won’t find the new portals
  • planets surfaces, graphics and biomes have been revamped and are now more varied and fun to explore
  • many new blocks and discoverable treasures can be found on Tor
  • dozens of new blocks and treasures!
  • more than 20 new monsters!
  • lots of new weapons, armor and other equip pieces can be dropped from Tor monsters
  • 10 new fish types
  • 12 new statues
  • new pocket pets!
  • two new types of wood with their relative crafts and weapons have been added: Green and Ebony wood
  • new rare manufacts have been added, older ones will be converted to the newer ones
  • all rare weapons now have custom animation, speed and knockback values
  • many walking mobs have been redrawn from scratch
  • many new blocks, decos and objects have been added on all planets


  • added many missing objects and blocks to creative
  • each add-on has now some crafts available by default
  • added starter crates near the surface
  • tweaked ores distribution
  • tweaked treasures distribution tables
  • rebalanced food heal values
  • rebalanced potions heal values
  • tweaked mobs health and hit values
  • tweaked mobs bounding boxes, now they should stuck less between blocks
  • decreased healing potions drop chance from mobs
  • crates can now rarely drop iron lumps
  • water won’t spawn floating on ground anymore
  • new in use symbol on objects
  • tweaked portal chests distribution
  • slightly increased crates distribution
  • added rare chests and pots on planets surface
  • removed workbench requirement for stone tools
  • decreased weapons drop chance from chests
  • increased salt and sulphur rates on some planets
  • decreased hard rocks distribution on planets
  • reduced vases on all planets
  • added dangerous spikes and ice on end game planets
  • new liquid graphics
  • new hurt sound!
  • new dirt sounds have been added
  • most hit sounds had their volume corrected
  • tweaked mobs spawn rates
  • fixed some minor graphical glitches

Bug Fixes

  • import craftbook/potions from other players
  • fixed bug with stackable objects improperly loaded from player save
  • fixed sticky bullets in multiplayer on clients
  • fixed sticky bullets from mobs which were damaging player when unintended
  • fixed durability glitch which affected stacks split with shift+click
  • added scroll wheel to changelog view
  • added portals Yuca -> Magmar
  • fix to music that was abruptly changing / stopping when unintended
  • increased silence time between songs
  • fixed crashes related to interaction at top of the world
  • fixed some small glitches in physics engine
  • many bug fixes and tweaks not listed here!

Junk Jack X 2.4.8 Christmas Update is here!

Ho Ho Ho! Apple has just approved Junk Jack X 2.4.8 Christmas update!

Junk Jack Christmas Update is here!

This version adds a new planet called Umbra with new mobs, treasures to discover and many mobs with unique drops, a new physics engine, a new fancy equip system, completely revamped player graphics and equip pieces, a new user interface and many fixes throughout the whole game. Zombies will also throw snowballs to you in the new Christmas themed Terra!

Merry Christmas by Pixbits!


  • A new spooky planet called Umbra with new mobs, weapons, equip pieces, blocks and objects has been added
  • The new planet portal chests can be found in new generated Terra worlds
  • A new special flying type of monster has been added, bats!
  • Terra is now christmas themed, with themed objects, treasures and a new christmas zombie mob
  • more than 20 new monsters
  • many new placeable objects and blocks
  • many weapons to discover
  • many equip pieces to discover
  • 4 new unique music tracks
  • fancy equip system, to dress like how you want while wearing the best armor pieces!
  • physics engine has been completely rewritten to be more accurate and believable
  • the new flying behavior for monsters, bat is just the first one, more will come in the future!
  • the User Interface has been completely redrawn
  • new more modern Junk Jack logo
  • streamlined block and object removal rules accordingly to their appropriate tools
  • new energy bar system which opens many possibilities for the future (currently used for underwater breath reserve)
  • chest interface now has the color of the opened chest
  • the main player sprite has been redrawn, with new appearance and animations
  • all equip pieces are new, better looking with more details
  • many small things are changed, enhanced or removed to keep consistency with the ongoing desktop version of the game
  • fixed broken trading system
  • fixed a multiplayer craft related to client crashing after exiting from the game
  • added missing objects and mobs to creative
  • added some missing crafts
  • many bug fixes throughout the whole game, too many to list here!

We hope you’ll enjoy this patch! We didn’t have time to add more features but we’re working hard on the cross-platform engine for the release of the game on desktop platforms and, since we want to keep the iOS version as much coherent as possible with the other upcoming version,  we had to focus a lot on things “behind the scenes”!

Junk Jack X 2.3 Christmas Update is here!

Hello everyone, Apple has just approved the Junk Jack X 2.3 Christmas update!


This version adds the Christmas mood to the game with many new craftable items, and a themed Terra world. But that’s not all, a whole new planet named Lilith has been added with more than 25 new mobs, items, weapons,equips, placeable objects and blocks, a new ore which will be used in the future for something really unique, many new rares and crafts.

And, as usual a bunch of bug fixes will make the experience better!

Merry Christmas and happy new year by the Pixbits Duo!


New features:

  • Terra is now Christmas themed, with many christmas gifts on ground!
  • All the christmas presents from previous year have been added again, plus much more!
  • New end-game Lilith planet that can be reached from Xeno!
  • New Silicium ore, which will be used in the future in a very unique way. More news coming!
  • Fish more than 10 new fish types in the new planet
  • 10 new replantable plant types with relative fruits
  • More than 30 new mobs with their relative drops and crafts
  • Many new alchemy reagents!
  • Many new Lilith placeable blocks
  • Lots of new placeable Lilith objects, including 6 columns
  • New Moonstone material
  • New Rare throwable bomb
  • 6 New Rare placeable statues
  • New moonstone blocks and column crafts
  • 5 New Lilith pocket pets
  • 4 Lilith armor sets
  • 4 Lilith weapon sets
  • 1 Rare Craftable Armor Set
  • Many new trinkets, craftable or dropped from mobs
  • Many new rare weapons
  • More than 15 new crafts
  • New Christmas Zombie mob
  • New Placeable Hanging Tinsel
  • New Placeable Hanging Snowflakes
  • New Placeable Christmas Sleigh, you can sleep on it
  • New Rare “weapon” (again!) dropped from Christmas Zombie Mob
  • New Pocket Falling Star pet
  • New Pocket Frosty pet

Bug Fixes:

  • Falling star will now spawn more often.
  • Removed a graphic glitch from mineshaft bridge
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening chests/forges/etc in multiplayer with a laggy connection
  • Fixed dyable blocks and items that weren’t displaying correctly in super mini map
  • Fixed a bug the didn’t allow some ladders to be placed on trapdoors
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while taking a portal
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when multiplayer was canceled halfway through connection
  • Fixed a crash that occurred randomly when having stables with at least 2 mobs in the world
  • Fixed wrong flags set on yuca side objects
  • Added Night Owl to the creative eggs
  • Fixed some wrong mob particles
  • Enriched save check routines to minimize crashes during save operations
  • Fixed a crash related to the update lighting algorithm on blocks of the world
  • Many minor tweaks and fixes

Junk Jack X 2.1 Christmas Update is out!

Hi guys and gals, the Christmas update with a complete new planet and many other features and fixes is here! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you by the Pixbits Duo!


Here are the new features:


  • 2 new iaps
  • a complete new ice planet, Cryo, has been added! Who will discover it first?
  • more than 40 new mob types with man new unique loots
  • new frozen music tracks by Bright Primate
  • weather system: rain and snow have been implemented! More weathers will come in the future!
  • craftable fireworks: up to 4 stages mixed with your own dyes for a total of ~50000 different possible fireworks
  • a new powerful ore used to craft strong tools and armor
  • more than 10 new placeable blocks
  • more than 10 new placeable objects
  • more than 10 new alien plant types
  • Terra is now Christmas themed!
  • new discoverable Christmas gifts!
  • new placeable Snow Man
  • new placeable Christmas lights, stockings, baubles and bells
  • new placeable Christmas wreath
  • 3 new Christmas themed plant types
  • 2 new Christmas themed trinkets
  • craftable paper wrapping to wrap items into gifts and give them to your friends!
  • a new rare Christmas tree sapling to discover
  • 10 new delicious Christmas cooking recipes
  • 4 new rare statues
  • 3 new unique armor sets
  • 3 new unique weapon sets
  • many more new unique and craftable weapons and equipments
  • new crafting materials and recipes to discover
  • the rare falling star is back!
  • gem enchants don’t give total immunity to elements anymore but 25% damage reduction
  • all immunities in equip have been tweaked and balanced to reflect the new resistances
  • immunities become resistances: they are not ON/OFF anymore but they’ll reduce damage from 0% to 100% like defenses
  • added an automatic check that will ask to try to recover your world if game crashed during loading
  • you can set your favorite world by holding your finger on its button in world list
  • added a button in creative mode which can stop and start world time
  • togglable extended tooltips for items
  • advanced shader graphical effects for sky with weather (available with a togglable option)
  • a longer section that explain equip bonuses in the tutorial


  • premium items bought as IAPs can’t be added to trades anymore
  • you can now tap items in a trade to see their names
  • fixed a physics issue with items pushed away from tiles being filled by the player
  • global chest locks now blocks forges too
  • chest locks can now be applied on forges
  • crafts that require specific materials (water/milk buckets, milk glass) will now give the empty container back (when you have room and it is appropriate for the craft)
  • changed rough violet rock color to green to give more variety to block colours
  • dungeon chest locks can’t be removed with a hammer anymore
  • fixed a bug when removing two equal items from a trade
  • fixed some achievements that were incorrectly reported by the game
  • fixed a crash related to opening a trade with inventory already opened
  • fixed many crashes crashes related to trade updates sent to a client with trade interface closed
  • fixed a crash related to mobs spawned by blocks in multiplayer creative worlds
  • fixed a crash with some accented letters when used in chat
  • fixed a crash when editing a sign that is destroyed by another player
  • fixed (finally) map generation to avoid liquids on bedrock and prevent related crashes
  • fixed a crash related to having items in trade while the other player canceled the trade
  • fixed a crash related to symbols used on inventory slots
  • fixed a crash related to a client that is trying to place item on shelves/showcases
  • fixed a nasty bug that made the game crash after getting disconnected from a game in multiplayer
  • fixed chasing mobs behavior in multiplayer: they now chase the nearest player
  • fixed a crash that occurred sometimes on clients on connection drop
  • fixed a crash related to “Hold to Break” option that incorrectly reset the periodic break
  • fixed a crash caused by a client trying to gather item in a multiplayer game
  • many other bugfixes, tweaks and improvements


Junk Jack 1.2.3 Christmas update has been submitted to Apple! (waiting for approval)

Hi fellow miners!

The Junk Jack 1.2.3 Christmas update has been submitted to Apple!
It features new mobs, blocks, hats, achievements, themed stuff, weapons, crafts and much more 🙂

Here is the changelog:

New features:

• 4 hats have been added to the shop
• 10 new achievements!
• New craftable curing star
• The world has now a snowy appearance!
• New ice block
• Revamped Snow Bricks
• Revamped Snow Blocks
• Trees are now covered in snow!
• New throwable snow ball
• New rare placeable christmas tree can be found underground
• New christmas decorations can be found underground
• New placeable christmas bells craft
• New placeable christmas balls craft
• Brown Bears are back with revamped graphics!
• New white bear mob
• New big penguin mob
• New small penguin mob
• New frosty mob
• New falling star mob
• New placeable butcher’s broom!
• New placeable christmas candles
• New ice arrows, freeze monsters with them
• New ice shurikens, used to freeze mobs
• New ice sword weapon
• New Bear Claw weapon
• New placeable christmas light bulbs
• New placeable hanging star
• New craftable christmas chest
• New craftable frosty head
• New revamped placeable snow man
• New christmas biscuits and more than 10 christmas treasures
• New wrapped paper craft, use it to wrap blocks and give them a christmas look!
• Bonedust has a chance to force the growth of a plant when used on it
• It’s now possible to jump from the top of a ladder or a bridge
• It’s now possible to jump vertically from beneath a bridge

Bug fixes:

• Some wood objects have a new wood break sound
• Fireplace has now christmas socks on it
• Zombie and skeletons are now Christmas themed!
• Physics engine has been tweaked to work seamlessly on older devices (no more slides of entities anymore)
• Sloped block crafts now require a workbench
• Climb movement is slightly faster
• Fixed jump animation frames
• Blocks that yield fruits cannot be broken with bare hands anymore
• Removing fruits from trees and items from shelves now is possible only with bare hands but from any distance
• Fixed a bug that caused crashes with quickslots that were emptied and filled again
• Fixed a bug that caused ghost items to remain in a quickslot
• Fixed the bug which made the character float when sliding during explosions
• Most sounds now are faded according to the player position
• Hurt effect on player now has the correct brightness according to his tile
• Pumpkin skin graphical hand glitch has been fixed
• Now TNT has a special graphical variant when ignited
• Fixed a bug that kept TNT on basalt blocks after explosion
• Removing a deco from a tile doesn’t start to break it anymore
• Tilling an untilled dirt block doesn’t start to break it anymore
• Trees have been mildly revamped
• Naturally growing leaves and blue leaves are now non solid blocks
• Placing an item on a shelf will place the same variant that you have in your inventory
• Dead tree now makes correct sound when hit
• Fixed a bug which made fruits on trees glitch their hanging status
• Now climbable vines correctly updates their sprites when destroyed
• Some jungle decorations now correctly allow treasures and mob inside them
• Chairs and tables can now be correctly placed without a background block
• Dark stone can now be mined just with its correct tool
• Fixed compact sand hardness
• Fixed compact sand wrong footstep sound
• Fixed bamboo bridge wrong sounds
• Increased Wood Fence craft output to 2
• Slightly increased sapling drop rate on trees

We’ll let you know when Apple approves it!