New Junk Jack Video: Quests!

Hi all, below you can see our last work in progress video that shows how the mail system works.

Plus some digging (no animations yet), material gathering, and a fossil skeleton block!

Stay with us for the next progress updates!



Updated overview map

Hi, today we want to share the progress made in the deeps of the Junk Jack world.

There are lots of things to mine and bricks to gather (Hell caves too!). A lot of tweaking is still needed as always, but we’re slowly getting there.

Back to tweaking now! 😀


Junk Jack Progress..

Hi all guys!

A little status update for this friday:


I’m working hard on the game sounds, searching, recording and preparing them for the game.


Jack, while is in his vacantion time, has done a lot of under the hood work to make sure the game works well in every way, he added also a lot of nice tweaks.. and there is still a lot of work to do!


We are doing our best to ensure the underground world is always various and different to look at, while being fun to play.

Game content

Lots of tweaks are being made, and we are adding new content and ideas constantly in the game.

So, no screenshots to see for now, but most of things that are being done will be reflected in the final quality of the game.

Other updates coming soon!

Thanks for reading.

First Buildings!

Hi all!

As requested by many, here is an overview of one of the structures that you will be able to build with the materials gathered in the world of Junk Jack.

More to come in the future updates.

Thanks for your support, guys!

Junk Jack – Maya style!

Hey guys!

We’re still here to present another mockup for places that you will be able to find while exploring the world.. if you are lucky enough you will be able to find Mayan ruins!

Mayan Ruins Mockup

This is still a Xsx mockup, now it’s time for me to  make it a procedural reality 🙂

Stay with us for future updates!


Junk Jack – Underground Jungle!

Hi all, a screenshot for this friday, the underground jungle!

This is a mockup, but we are adding right now the new graphic blocks for the designed procedural caves in our game.

Soon other screenshots, maybe other themes will come 😀

Quest treasures and underground balancing

Hi there, i’m Xsx finally posting again after my little break 😀

While Jack is fixing all the bugs and doing all the code work,  i’m working hard to give the undergrounds always something fun and new to do and find.

In this screenshot you can see various treasure spawns, minerals, gems, some different caves that are under heavy work, and the spawn points for the quests that you will get in your hand crafted mailbox. It’s hard to explain every bit, but you should get an idea of what to expect down there 😀

We are adding new things day by day, so expect more news coming soon!



Let’s do it Boulderdash style..

While Xsx is away I’m experimenting with the engine, this is a quick video that shows the falling blocks chaining:

(sorry for the framerate but my capture software is quite crappy, we’re testing it on iPhone4 and iPod Touch 3g getting almost always 60FPS for now, so it’s a different story)

The behavior is similar to the way Boulderdash and other good old arcade games manage the rocks. We still haven’t decided if this will included or not in the first release of the game, mostly because we want to understand if this behavior fits well the gameplay without being too much frustrating/boring or whatever.

I’m sorry if these days are quite poor of cool screenshots but I’m tweaking the game code, I rewrote the movement and scrolling engine from scratch, I added custom behaviors to the AI of the mobs (that will need a lot of testing to obtain nice results) and now I’m facing falling blocks and allowed movements for special blocks.

We’re thinking about adding many secret and unique things that can be discovered while exploring, but you won’t have any clues for them 🙂