Junk Jack X 3.0 update is available on the App Store!

Welcome to Junk Jack X 3.0!


This is our biggest update yet, it includes months of work and brings all the new features and improvements from our PC/Mac version to iOS. The changes are too many to list here, but we’ll try to mention at least the major changes below here!

There is a downside though: unfortunately we had to change the whole engine, this makes actual worlds and player incompatible, forcing you to start a new game to experience the new patch. Old worlds and players won’t be deleted but they’ll become unaccessible from the game.


We sincerely hope you understand, sorry for any trouble this may cause.
This is the only choice we had, the only alternative would have been to sell a different game under the same brand which wasn’t acceptable for us.

Happy mining!

• All new Junk Jack logo!
• More than 250 new rare treasures: happy hunting!
• All planets have been overhauled with new graphics, content, biomes and tweaks to make them more fun and varied.
• New planet reachable from Mykon: Tor!
• More than 20 new Tor monsters!
• More than 40 new slimes different for each planet
• Added a collections view which will track all the things you gathered while playing: rare treasures, fancy equips, fish, cooking recipes
• Added scrolling to super minimap
• Super mini map will only show discovered areas
• New procedural part engine for mobs: many mobs will now have random parts attached!
• Explosive arrows!
• Each slime type has its own unique behavior
• New king slime mobs!
• Many mobs have been redrawn from scratch
• New weapons, armor, trinkets can be found in Tor
• New pocket pets, statues, fish, objects, blocks and so on!
• New world sizes options
• Added customisation options for world creations also for adventure mode
• Tweaked treasures and ores distribution
• Dozens of new placeable blocks and objects!
• Added objects and blocks to creative
• Added a new actuator: piston block! It’s able to push players, mobs and items by extending and also behaves as a bridge or one-way door according to rotation
• Added a new actuator: advanced pressure pad! It’s like the normal pressure pad but it’s able to detect mobs too
• Added a new actuator: retractable block! it’s a block that becomes solid when activated and blocks light, movement and liquids
• Trapdoors now behave as devices and can be opened and closed with electronics signal
• Health bars of creatures have been added
• Improved overall game difficulty balance
• Rebalanced food heal values
• Rebalanced potions heal values
• Tweaked treasures drop rates on all planets
• Tweaked chest treasures drop rate
• Tweaked portal chests spawn rate
• Tweaked crates seeds drop rate
• Tweaked mobs health and hit values
• Added many utility crates in the world
• Added dangerous spikes on end game planets
• Portal chests now emit light
• Two new types of wood have been added
• Additionally tweaked light thresholds for mob spawning
• Add-ons now have default crafts available
• 6 new wood crossbows, each one with different bullet and fire speed stats
• New craftable slingshot which throws tiny rocks
• New detailed tool and weapons graphics, with custom animations
• New bows graphics
• New craftable colored goo torches
• Objects and blocks can now be placed on small objects without the need to break them first
• It is now possible to place blocks behind objects without breaking them first
• Fancy trinket slot is now considered for pet summon and will take priority if a pocket pet trinket is present in that slot
• Added Ninja Potion which alters throw speed and power
• New ambient sounds and sound effects
• New music tracks have been added to Terra
• A new manly hurt sound has been added
• New liquid graphics

That’s not all! We made dozens of other tweaks and bug fixes to improve the game experience, we hope you will enjoy the new Junk Jack X 3.0!


Junk Jack X is available in the App Store!

 Junk Jack X is available in the App Store!



We are glad to deliver you the best Junk Jack experience ever imagined! A sequel which brings the game to a whole new level with multiplayer, multiple planets, creative mode, liquids, plenty of equipment to customize your character and much more! Plus all the features you loved from Junk Jack (and, we hope, less features you hated!)
This is not a freemium game, buy it once and enjoy the full game experience!


  • local multiplayer up to 4 players and online multiplayer up to 2 players
  • a creative mode to unleash your creativity and build everything you can imagine
  • a fully featured equip system with more than 390 different wearable items to enhance your adventures or just to make your friends envy!
  • polished pixel graphics, full retina support
  • tenths of wonderful music tracks by Bright Primate
  • intuitive controls: swipe to move and tap to interact with everything
  • an adventure mode that will let you travel between multiple planets with different and intriguing environments
  • liquids to enhance or impede your explorations: avoid dangerous lava or go for a swim in a surface lake!
  • infinite procedurally generated worlds to make every adventure always different
  • a dynamic day/night cycle that blends with wonderful skies in parallax
  • a vibrant lighting engine that will make you enjoy every minute spent in Junk Jack X worlds
  • character customization, you can play also as a female!
  • a rewarding exploration thanks to treasure chests full of cool things
  • more than 750 crafts to be built
  • more than 1600 treasures
  • more than 350 placeable items
  • more than 150 different creatures and monsters
  • explosives, shelves, signs, dyes and all the features you liked in Junk Jack
  • a complete farming system with more than 50 plants, even many alien and exotic plants
  • an in game guide that will teach you how to play
  • two ways of crafting to accommodate even needs of casual users

This is just the beginning, we already have many ideas for the next updates!
For every issue just contact us on our forum at forum.pixbits.com

Announcing Junk Jack X

We’ve been silent for so much time, we feel sorry for that. The reasons behind our lack of news are easy to say: we worked a lot in these months and we had to find the right direction of development before saying anything official. This day has come.

First of all, we are aware of the new Apple policy which prevents applications which are not wide screen optimised from being updated. This partially breaks our plans but at the same time gave us the opportunity to focus on our new game by turning it in a completely new product before deciding the fate of the original Junk Jack.


The codename of our new instalment will be Junk Jack X and it is scheduled to be released in Q3 or Q4 of 2013, according to the flow of the development. Now that we bored you enough with miscellaneous infos it’s time to speak about the features of the new game.

Junk Jack X - The new Title Screen!
Junk Jack X – The new Title Screen!


Junk Jack X will have multiplayer that works both with GameCenter, so over the internet, and through BlueTooth/WIFI. At the moment it works with 2 players through GC and with at most 4 players over local connections. In the future we plan to add support fore more players. There is no PvP as it is not our priority at the moment but aside that you will be able to play with your friends while exploring world or building huge houses.

Junk Jack X - Roaming around
Junk Jack X – Roaming around


Your character will be much more customizable compared to Junk Jack. You will be able to customize his appearance (even gender!) and big part of customization comes with equip that you will find and craft in your adventures that will be either aesthetically appealing or useful. When we speak about useful equip that’s because there will be attributes that alter certain aspects like the movement speed, your health, your damage or defenses. More details aren’t available yet since we’re still working on it.

Junk Jack X - Character Creation Screen
Junk Jack X – Character Creation Screen


You will be able to store an arbitrary amount of worlds, you are not limited to three slots anymore, you can even rename them so that you will be able to keep everything organized. You will be able to create creative worlds in which blocks don’t drop anything, you won’t find mobs but you will fly around and build whatever you want with free unlimited resources (and with friends in multiplayer too!).

Junk Jack X - Underground Mineshaft
Junk Jack X – Underground Mineshaft


Worlds will contain liquids. At the moment we are developing water and lava and their behaviour. Having them in a 2D world is not so easy to manage from a gameplay point of view but we start to feel satisfied with them.

Junk Jack X - Encrusting Items
Junk Jack X – Encrusting Items


As most of you already know there will be equippable items, four slots: heads, chests, legs and feed. In addition there will be a fifth slot which will be used for special trinkets that will have their usefulness providing special bonuses or whatever.

Junk Jack X - The Forge
Junk Jack X – The Forge


Crafting will be split in two ways: the traditional mode, that is the one with the craft grid (to which you are used to), and a simpler way in which you will be able to craft things directly through the craftbook. This second way is meant to be used by more casual gamers and, to counterbalance its behaviour, we had to include crafting times (just for the simple mode) which are roughly equivalent to the time you would need in traditional crafting.

Junk Jack X - New improved Craftbook
Junk Jack X – New improved Craftbook


We could say that the whole graphics have been redrawn. In addition many small things have been implemented to provide a more appealing experience like smoke and sparkles over torches, parallax skies, a smooth lighting engine and much more!

Junk Jack X - Flowing Liquids
Junk Jack X – Flowing Liquids


We couldn’t release a new Junk Jack game without music from our friend BrightPrimate so rest assured that another fantastic soundtrack is already in development and we’re really proud of it so far!


  • Forges will be completely revamped: now they use fuel and produce items in a way more similar to Minecraft
  • Encrusting will be completely revamped: bonuses are applied generically to all weapons, tools and equip pieces
  • The craftbook will be really light years ahead the current one in terms of usability
  • There will be more kinds of weapons that are more or less effective against specific monsters
  • The addon system has been revised and enlarged to be more consistent for the whole crafting experience
  • All of the cool features of Junk Jack will still be present in Junk Jack X though refined or improved
  • Many more things!


Oh, we almost forgot to say. Since Apple ruined our plan, our first priority became moving Junk Jack X in a new dimension. We’re proud to announce the fact that Junk Jack X will have planets and different themes! There will be an adventure mode, in addition to single worlds which are created like in our previous game.

Junk Jack X - New worlds to discover
Junk Jack X – New worlds to discover

The adventure starts right from the same planet of the original Junk Jack, while exploring you will be able to find portal pieces that, assembled, will let you travel to new undiscovered worlds in which you will be able to find different blocks and materials for your crafts, strange and powerful mobs and completely different moods.

Junk Jack X - New Biomes
Junk Jack X – New Biomes

Of course, before being able to generate a world of a specific theme, you will need to discover it through adventure mode! Otherwise all of the fun would be ruined 🙂

Junk Jack X - World Creation Screen
Junk Jack X – World Creation Screen

Regarding price, we haven’t decided anything yet. The only thing that it is sure is that this will NOT be a freemium app as you all know what we think about freemium and Junk Jack.

Junk Jack X - New adventures await you and your friends!
Junk Jack X – New adventures await you and your friends!

Good, that’s all for now, keep tuned for future updates, in the meanwhile just enjoy the screenshots which are all in-game screenshots but mind that everything is still WORK IN PROGRESS so things can change!

New crafting methods in our future game

Hi miners!
Let’s talk about the new crafting features that will be present in our future game:

there will be two different way of crafting things: advanced and simple mode. Advanced crafting will be exactly like the current one while, with simple mode, you will be able to craft items directly from the craftbook.


This is not meant to give advantages to players who decide to play in simple mode, that’s why the latter option sacrifices 10 slots of inventory (the craft grid and the output are not present in simple mode). In addition, every craft requires time which is proportional to the difficulty of the craft (so that the time required to craft in simple mode resembles roughly the time needed to arrange items in the grid in advanced mode).

The craftbook interface is getting a major revamp for both crafting modes: you won’t need to switch between hundreds of pages anymore. Every available item will be categorized and shown in a comfortable grid so that browsing crafts will be much easier than before.

Finally, since some of you asked us about it, our policy with respect to In-App purchases will be kept the same: we won’t add anything which could give strong gameplay benefits to people for money.

Cooking recipes!

Hey all! Here is a sneak peek of some of the upcoming recipes that you will be able to cook in Junk Jack 😀 (all foods must be gathered, and all vegetables must be harvested from new growable plants!)

Click the image for full size!

In the meanwhile we’re still experimenting with Junk Jack on Mac OS X, more info about that will come soon!

Check out our forum for the changelog!

Junk Jack farming system work in progress update

Hi guys, here is a screenshot of the farming system we are developing:

We’re not sure if we’ll be able to fit this update in next (1.1) version because we’re still deciding many gameplay issues but we hope to show you more details soon!

Craftbook categories!

Hi guys, here is a screenshot that shows the work in progress craftbook categories!

This should help navigate the recipes a lot 🙂

We hope you like that!

More news coming soon.

Junk Jack iPad work in progress screenshots

Hi guys! The Junk Jack iPad version is coming along very nicely, here are 2 ingame screenshots to show you the progress we made so far (click for full size):

We hope you like it! 😀