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  • pixbits 8:57 pm on February 13, 2015 Permalink
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    Junk Jack X 2.3.1 St. Valentine update is out! This update adds more love to the game, including two themed mobs, new pets, treasures, and many themed placeable objects dropped from a new rare special themed chest.


    Check out the changelog below!


    • new Pink Valentine rabbit mob added
    • new Pink Valentine pocket pet added
    • new Cupid Zombie mob!
    • two new trinkets have been added
    • a new themed chest equip piece has been added
    • a new St. Valentine themed chest can be found on terra ground
    • new Themed bows and arrows
    • new plant: Red Rose!
    • new placeable Glowing Heart
    • new rare Pocket Heart pet
    • new Hanging Hearts decoration
    • new placeable Red Rose Bucket
    • many new St. Valentine themed treasures have been added
    • two new themed paintings have been added
    • fixed a wrong sound on Lilith monolith object
    • now pet entity light is correctly set after a warp
    • fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when unwrapping a gift
    • fixed a memory leak that occurred evey time you entered a world
    • added Citrine Block to creative
    • fixed Dromium Spores placement issues
    • added world chests to Lilith

    More updates coming soon, stay tuned!

  • pixbits 2:39 am on December 20, 2014 Permalink
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    Junk Jack X 2.3 Christmas Update is here! 

    Hello everyone, Apple has just approved the Junk Jack X 2.3 Christmas update!


    This version adds the Christmas mood to the game with many new craftable items, and a themed Terra world. But that’s not all, a whole new planet named Lilith has been added with more than 25 new mobs, items, weapons,equips, placeable objects and blocks, a new ore which will be used in the future for something really unique, many new rares and crafts.

    And, as usual a bunch of bug fixes will make the experience better!

    Merry Christmas and happy new year by the Pixbits Duo!


    New features:

    • Terra is now Christmas themed, with many christmas gifts on ground!
    • All the christmas presents from previous year have been added again, plus much more!
    • New end-game Lilith planet that can be reached from Xeno!
    • New Silicium ore, which will be used in the future in a very unique way. More news coming!
    • Fish more than 10 new fish types in the new planet
    • 10 new replantable plant types with relative fruits
    • More than 30 new mobs with their relative drops and crafts
    • Many new alchemy reagents!
    • Many new Lilith placeable blocks
    • Lots of new placeable Lilith objects, including 6 columns
    • New Moonstone material
    • New Rare throwable bomb
    • 6 New Rare placeable statues
    • New moonstone blocks and column crafts
    • 5 New Lilith pocket pets
    • 4 Lilith armor sets
    • 4 Lilith weapon sets
    • 1 Rare Craftable Armor Set
    • Many new trinkets, craftable or dropped from mobs
    • Many new rare weapons
    • More than 15 new crafts
    • New Christmas Zombie mob
    • New Placeable Hanging Tinsel
    • New Placeable Hanging Snowflakes
    • New Placeable Christmas Sleigh, you can sleep on it
    • New Rare “weapon” (again!) dropped from Christmas Zombie Mob
    • New Pocket Falling Star pet
    • New Pocket Frosty pet

    Bug Fixes:

    • Falling star will now spawn more often.
    • Removed a graphic glitch from mineshaft bridge
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening chests/forges/etc in multiplayer with a laggy connection
    • Fixed dyable blocks and items that weren’t displaying correctly in super mini map
    • Fixed a bug the didn’t allow some ladders to be placed on trapdoors
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while taking a portal
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when multiplayer was canceled halfway through connection
    • Fixed a crash that occurred randomly when having stables with at least 2 mobs in the world
    • Fixed wrong flags set on yuca side objects
    • Added Night Owl to the creative eggs
    • Fixed some wrong mob particles
    • Enriched save check routines to minimize crashes during save operations
    • Fixed a crash related to the update lighting algorithm on blocks of the world
    • Many minor tweaks and fixes
  • pixbits 5:36 pm on September 24, 2014 Permalink
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    Junk Jack X on Steam? We need your opinion! 

    Hi guys, we are considering porting Junk Jack X to the PC platform with the help of Steam, but we need your opinion to know if it’s worth it!

    Tell us what you think on our Greenlight page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=318127110 and if you like the idea feel free to spread the word! :D

    Junk Jack Steam Greenlight

    Thanks to everyone involved :)

    More news coming soon!



  • pixbits 1:19 am on April 17, 2014 Permalink
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    Junk Jack X 2.1.6 Easter Update is out! 

    Hello followers, the Easter update with new tamable dogs, cats and more pets, easter stuff, new mobs, a fully fledged chemistry system, a new spring biome and much more is here!

    Happy Easter by Pixbits!


    New features:

    • New craftable Chemistry Lab block
    • You can now create potions by mixing reagents with the Chemistry Lab
    • Roughly 100 different potion effects (with a supported maximum of 1024 effect for the future)
    • Almost all potion effects can have different duration and effect strength for a total amount of ~6000 potions
    • Potions combinations will be discovered and saved in your craftbook
    • New craftable Cottage Bricks and the relative half block and sloped blocks
    • Added a life leech effect (base 0.0) which heals the player when delivering damage to a mob
    • Added both melee and ranged critical chance to player attacks (with a base of 5% chance)
    • Added an option (enabled by default) which skips saving world when battery is low to avoid potential data corruption
    • Added an option which enables an extended player stats panel that shows more information
    • 4 new iaps
    • 5 new tamable dog types, male and female
    • 5 new tamable cat types, male and female
    • 5 new tamable bird types, male and female
    • 3 new tamable rabbit types, male and female
    • All new pet breeds are spreaded around the planets, collect and breed them
    • You can now summon a pocket animal by placing its item in the trinket slot: it will follow you around!
    • 16 new rare pocket companions that will follow you in your adventure if put in the trinket slot
    • New cat house block
    • New kennel block
    • New bird perch block
    • New rabbit hutch block
    • New terra mob: brown fox
    • New terra mob: deer
    • New terra mob: ground hog
    • New terra mob: duck
    • New cork oak tree which grows acorns
    • New white wood type and crafts, make new cool creations with it!
    • Cork oak drops bark material
    • New craftable cork chunk block
    • Some trees now rarely drop bark
    • Terra is now spring and easter themed
    • New apricot spring tree with its relative fruit
    • New plum tree with its relative fruit
    • New pink leaves block
    • New vimini basket that drops easter goodies which include:
    • Equippable bunny ears
    • Equippable easter egg hat
    • Chocolate bunnies
    • Colorful easter eggs
    • Easter wreath and many more!
    • Easter block ribbons, place it on blocks
    • New recraftable beehives can now be found in spring biomes, craft honey recipes with them
    • New replantable tulip flower
    • New replantable daisy flower
    • New craftable beer mug
    • 20 new fresh cooking crafts
    • 12 new rare paintings have been added
    • Added a rare toy as a tribute to Flappy Bird

    Bug Fixes:

    • Pocket pets now display their gender in the treasure graphics
    • Improved player movement net-code to prevent out-of-sync
    • Fixed some crashes related to out-of-sync position of players in multiplayer games
    • Fixed a small graphical glitch in the low graphics terra sky
    • Stabled cows now have a chance to drop a wood bucket of milk
    • Stabled sheeps now have a chance to drop raw wool
    • Immunities in mini stats panel will be shown only when 100%
    • IAP items can’t be gift wrapped anymore
    • Pigs won’t spawn at dusk anymore
    • All the fruit graphics has been redrawn
    • Revamped most of the cooking craft graphics
    • Terra rocks back layer is slightly darker now
    • Fixed (hopefully) a bug that shown huge characters in minimap
    • Reimplemented bone dust to allow growing (not with every use) any kind of plant at any stage
    • Fixed bone dust behavior in multiplayer
    • Fixed a bug that left some tree parts growing after destroying the trunk
    • Now colored blocks/objects will be colored even in super minimap
    • Fixed a small graphical glitch in the steel column
    • New creative section arrows graphics
    • You can now tap items in forge crafts inside craftbook to see their names
    • Fixed a graphical glitch in wood fence
    • Fixed a bug that affected destruction of wood fences from below
    • Fixed some weird synchronization issues with multiplayer forges that allowed duping
    • Weather status is now saved inside the world file
    • Now bullets apply correct damage according to damage bonus of the player that shot them
    • White leaves now have correct transparency
    • Removed red dye from Carpet craft
    • Wood scaffolding graphics now shows that you can fall between them
    • Clocks are now available in creative mode
    • Tapping a clock now properly shows the current time of the day
    • Fixed a bug which caused decorations to be dyed when overlapped with allowed dyed objects

    That’s all for now!



  • pixbits 5:57 pm on August 27, 2013 Permalink
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    Junk Jack X is almost there! 

    Hello guys!

    We’re glad to tell you that Junk Jack X is almost ready to be sent to Apple. We have almost finished beta testing phase and we’re quite proud of the result so far :)

    We can’t give you an exact release date but we guess you will be able to play it within some weeks! We managed to implement every feature we planned for the initial release, including 5 different planets. In addition we have already planned some hefty things but they’ll come with updates in the months following the release.

    As you may already know we do not like the freemium formula for a game like Junk Jack X. So it will be a paid game: you pay once and get the whole game experience.

    The launch price will be 4.99$ and it will be universal.

    We hope to be able to announce a precise release date soon, in the meanwhile stay tuned and enjoy some iPad screenshots!




    Thanks for all your support in these months :)

  • pixbits 2:41 am on July 23, 2013 Permalink
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    Junk Jack X beta test & teaser 

    Hello everyone!

    We worked hard in the last two months and we’re proud to officially announce that beta testing recruiting is starting right now. You can apply by submitting the form at the following link:


    Please consider the fact that beta testing is useful for us if you help in finding bugs, don’t take it just as an opportunity to play an early version of the game because this will just slow the release, so apply only if you are willing to take this role seriously! Thanks

    Beta Testing will start in some time, as everything is not so ready yet but already in good shape :) Chosen testers will be contacted by mail!

    In the meanwhile, enjoy this short Junk Jack X teaser:

  • pixbits 3:13 am on February 14, 2013 Permalink
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    Junk Jack 1.2.4 – St Valentine Update is out! 

    Hello people!

    Apple just approved version 1.2.4 of Junk Jack that removes the Chrismas theme (finally we’d say) and brings some minor fixes and some stuff for St Valentine!

    New Features:

    • Removed Christmas theme and mobs
    • New St. Valentine bunny!
    • New rare St. Valentine Chest
    • New St. Valentine Bow
    • New St. Valentine Arrows
    • Tiny consumable St Valentine hearts can be found in the world
    • New rare Spider statue
    • New rare Stone Golem statue
    • New rare Worm statue
    • New rare Mummy Pharaoh statue

    Bug Fixes:

    • Falling on blocks will make the correct block sound
    • The inventory outline for the cactus is now correct
    • It’s possible to hold on an item in a craftbook page to open its craft page (if it’s craftable)
    • It’s possible to hold on an addon label in a craftbook page to open its craft page
    • Player doesn’t get stuck inside blocks anymore when placing blocks on him
    • Wrapped ribbon decoration can now be placed on blocks adjacent to player
    • Jungle tree now makes the right sound when hit

    As you can see this update is minor compared to the huge updates we did so far, this because we’re so busy building the foundations for the sequel of Junk Jack that we simply couldn’t do better than this. We hope you understand that :)

    Now go and update the game on your devices, have fun with Junk Jack!

  • pixbits 2:02 am on January 23, 2013 Permalink
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    Exploring new places, with a friend! 

    Hey there! This night Jack went exploring a new unknown place, but this time he’s not alone!
    Still a work in progress, as usual, but it shows the first multiplayer interactions of our new game :)


    More news coming soon! :D

  • pixbits 3:53 am on January 14, 2013 Permalink
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    Working on the new inventory interface.. 

    Hi guys, let’s break the silence with the user interface we’re developing for our new game.

    The development is going rather well, we’re quite enthusiast of what’s happening here at Pixbits in these days.

    We’re currently working on the equip system and we’re trying to make it either useful either fun and customizable :)

    There are other features too, can you spot them?


    Even if this is not final, it should give you an idea of how it should look like :)

    We hope you like it! :D

  • pixbits 4:24 am on December 11, 2012 Permalink
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    Junk Jack 1.2.3 Christmas update is out! 

    Apple has just approved the new Junk Jack 1.2.3 Christmas update.

    Get it now :D

    Junk Jack Christmas Icon

    Happy mining everyone!

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