Pixbits Minecraft texture pack!

If you play Minecraft like us, you should check out the pack we are making in our spare time:


This is a Minecraft texture pack with a minimal but yet unique look, heavily inspired from the first Frenden Minecraft texture pack, which we loved (he approved our pack and gave us the permission to take some inspiration!).

A work in progress pack, items and mobs will be added later.


Other images can be found here:


Download link:


This texture pack will be eventually added in Junk Jack too 😀

Tell us what you think in our forums!


Hard days here But all is coming along…

Hard days here!

But all is coming along well..
Jack had some hard times with inventory system.. and is really looking good along with the crafting system!

for today some shield types to be found in the undergrounds.

Expect some videos coming too.