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  • pixbits 1:19 am on April 17, 2014 Permalink
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    Junk Jack X 2.1.6 Easter Update is out! 

    Hello followers, the Easter update with new tamable dogs, cats and more pets, easter stuff, new mobs, a fully fledged chemistry system, a new spring biome and much more is here!

    Happy Easter by Pixbits!


    New features:

    • New craftable Chemistry Lab block
    • You can now create potions by mixing reagents with the Chemistry Lab
    • Roughly 100 different potion effects (with a supported maximum of 1024 effect for the future)
    • Almost all potion effects can have different duration and effect strength for a total amount of ~6000 potions
    • Potions combinations will be discovered and saved in your craftbook
    • New craftable Cottage Bricks and the relative half block and sloped blocks
    • Added a life leech effect (base 0.0) which heals the player when delivering damage to a mob
    • Added both melee and ranged critical chance to player attacks (with a base of 5% chance)
    • Added an option (enabled by default) which skips saving world when battery is low to avoid potential data corruption
    • Added an option which enables an extended player stats panel that shows more information
    • 4 new iaps
    • 5 new tamable dog types, male and female
    • 5 new tamable cat types, male and female
    • 5 new tamable bird types, male and female
    • 3 new tamable rabbit types, male and female
    • All new pet breeds are spreaded around the planets, collect and breed them
    • You can now summon a pocket animal by placing its item in the trinket slot: it will follow you around!
    • 16 new rare pocket companions that will follow you in your adventure if put in the trinket slot
    • New cat house block
    • New kennel block
    • New bird perch block
    • New rabbit hutch block
    • New terra mob: brown fox
    • New terra mob: deer
    • New terra mob: ground hog
    • New terra mob: duck
    • New cork oak tree which grows acorns
    • New white wood type and crafts, make new cool creations with it!
    • Cork oak drops bark material
    • New craftable cork chunk block
    • Some trees now rarely drop bark
    • Terra is now spring and easter themed
    • New apricot spring tree with its relative fruit
    • New plum tree with its relative fruit
    • New pink leaves block
    • New vimini basket that drops easter goodies which include:
    • Equippable bunny ears
    • Equippable easter egg hat
    • Chocolate bunnies
    • Colorful easter eggs
    • Easter wreath and many more!
    • Easter block ribbons, place it on blocks
    • New recraftable beehives can now be found in spring biomes, craft honey recipes with them
    • New replantable tulip flower
    • New replantable daisy flower
    • New craftable beer mug
    • 20 new fresh cooking crafts
    • 12 new rare paintings have been added
    • Added a rare toy as a tribute to Flappy Bird

    Bug Fixes:

    • Pocket pets now display their gender in the treasure graphics
    • Improved player movement net-code to prevent out-of-sync
    • Fixed some crashes related to out-of-sync position of players in multiplayer games
    • Fixed a small graphical glitch in the low graphics terra sky
    • Stabled cows now have a chance to drop a wood bucket of milk
    • Stabled sheeps now have a chance to drop raw wool
    • Immunities in mini stats panel will be shown only when 100%
    • IAP items can’t be gift wrapped anymore
    • Pigs won’t spawn at dusk anymore
    • All the fruit graphics has been redrawn
    • Revamped most of the cooking craft graphics
    • Terra rocks back layer is slightly darker now
    • Fixed (hopefully) a bug that shown huge characters in minimap
    • Reimplemented bone dust to allow growing (not with every use) any kind of plant at any stage
    • Fixed bone dust behavior in multiplayer
    • Fixed a bug that left some tree parts growing after destroying the trunk
    • Now colored blocks/objects will be colored even in super minimap
    • Fixed a small graphical glitch in the steel column
    • New creative section arrows graphics
    • You can now tap items in forge crafts inside craftbook to see their names
    • Fixed a graphical glitch in wood fence
    • Fixed a bug that affected destruction of wood fences from below
    • Fixed some weird synchronization issues with multiplayer forges that allowed duping
    • Weather status is now saved inside the world file
    • Now bullets apply correct damage according to damage bonus of the player that shot them
    • White leaves now have correct transparency
    • Removed red dye from Carpet craft
    • Wood scaffolding graphics now shows that you can fall between them
    • Clocks are now available in creative mode
    • Tapping a clock now properly shows the current time of the day
    • Fixed a bug which caused decorations to be dyed when overlapped with allowed dyed objects

    That’s all for now!



  • pixbits 2:45 am on December 3, 2012 Permalink
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    Junk Jack 1.2.3 Christmas update has been submitted to Apple! (waiting for approval) 

    Hi fellow miners!

    The Junk Jack 1.2.3 Christmas update has been submitted to Apple!
    It features new mobs, blocks, hats, achievements, themed stuff, weapons, crafts and much more :)

    Here is the changelog:

    New features:

    • 4 hats have been added to the shop
    • 10 new achievements!
    • New craftable curing star
    • The world has now a snowy appearance!
    • New ice block
    • Revamped Snow Bricks
    • Revamped Snow Blocks
    • Trees are now covered in snow!
    • New throwable snow ball
    • New rare placeable christmas tree can be found underground
    • New christmas decorations can be found underground
    • New placeable christmas bells craft
    • New placeable christmas balls craft
    • Brown Bears are back with revamped graphics!
    • New white bear mob
    • New big penguin mob
    • New small penguin mob
    • New frosty mob
    • New falling star mob
    • New placeable butcher’s broom!
    • New placeable christmas candles
    • New ice arrows, freeze monsters with them
    • New ice shurikens, used to freeze mobs
    • New ice sword weapon
    • New Bear Claw weapon
    • New placeable christmas light bulbs
    • New placeable hanging star
    • New craftable christmas chest
    • New craftable frosty head
    • New revamped placeable snow man
    • New christmas biscuits and more than 10 christmas treasures
    • New wrapped paper craft, use it to wrap blocks and give them a christmas look!
    • Bonedust has a chance to force the growth of a plant when used on it
    • It’s now possible to jump from the top of a ladder or a bridge
    • It’s now possible to jump vertically from beneath a bridge

    Bug fixes:

    • Some wood objects have a new wood break sound
    • Fireplace has now christmas socks on it
    • Zombie and skeletons are now Christmas themed!
    • Physics engine has been tweaked to work seamlessly on older devices (no more slides of entities anymore)
    • Sloped block crafts now require a workbench
    • Climb movement is slightly faster
    • Fixed jump animation frames
    • Blocks that yield fruits cannot be broken with bare hands anymore
    • Removing fruits from trees and items from shelves now is possible only with bare hands but from any distance
    • Fixed a bug that caused crashes with quickslots that were emptied and filled again
    • Fixed a bug that caused ghost items to remain in a quickslot
    • Fixed the bug which made the character float when sliding during explosions
    • Most sounds now are faded according to the player position
    • Hurt effect on player now has the correct brightness according to his tile
    • Pumpkin skin graphical hand glitch has been fixed
    • Now TNT has a special graphical variant when ignited
    • Fixed a bug that kept TNT on basalt blocks after explosion
    • Removing a deco from a tile doesn’t start to break it anymore
    • Tilling an untilled dirt block doesn’t start to break it anymore
    • Trees have been mildly revamped
    • Naturally growing leaves and blue leaves are now non solid blocks
    • Placing an item on a shelf will place the same variant that you have in your inventory
    • Dead tree now makes correct sound when hit
    • Fixed a bug which made fruits on trees glitch their hanging status
    • Now climbable vines correctly updates their sprites when destroyed
    • Some jungle decorations now correctly allow treasures and mob inside them
    • Chairs and tables can now be correctly placed without a background block
    • Dark stone can now be mined just with its correct tool
    • Fixed compact sand hardness
    • Fixed compact sand wrong footstep sound
    • Fixed bamboo bridge wrong sounds
    • Increased Wood Fence craft output to 2
    • Slightly increased sapling drop rate on trees

    We’ll let you know when Apple approves it!

  • pixbits 2:19 am on April 24, 2012 Permalink
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    Junk Jack 1.1 Universal update has been submitted to Apple! (waiting for approval) 

    Hi guys, the 1.1 update with universal support, new monsters, revamped graphics, a faster engine, cooking and farming has been submitted to Apple!
    Here is the changelog:

    New features:

    • Universal Version
    • New rare weapon drops
    • New Stone Golem mob!
    • New Mummy Pharaoh mob!
    • New Carnivore Plant mob!
    • New Blue Scarab mob!
    • New Frog mob!
    • New Spider type, found in the jungle biome
    • New Zombie type, found in the mushroom biome
    • New Headless Zombie mob!
    • New Zombie Head mob!
    • Slightly decreased block size
    • Revamped Egypt Biome!
    • Revamped Column Biome!
    • Revamped Jungle Biome!
    • New Black Sheep mob!
    • New Brown Sheep mob!
    • Some treasures will now yield appropriate colour dyes when crafted near a spinning wheel
    • 15 new color dyes can now be used to tint cloth blocks!
    • 120 new recipes for cookable foods!
    • New cooking pot craftable addon
    • New cooking ware craftable addon
    • Craftable scarecrow
    • Craftable hoe!
    • Plantable apple tree
    • Plantable lemon tree
    • Plantable orange tree
    • Plantable cherry tree
    • Plantable banana tree
    • Plantable pear tree
    • Plantable cocoa tree
    • Plantable sugar cane
    • Plantable strawberry plant
    • Plantable eggplant plant which requires a wood support
    • Plantable grapevines which requires a wood support
    • Plantable tomato which requires a wood support
    • Plantable canadia (exotic plant)
    • Plantable melon plant
    • Plantable watermelon plant
    • Plantable corn plant
    • Plantable blueberry plant
    • Plantable blackberry plant
    • Plantable onions
    • Plantable carrots
    • Plantable pumpkin plant
    • Plantable wheat
    • Every plant yelds the relative fruit and sapling/sprout
    • Palm trees (replantable) that yield coconuts
    • Tabs for categories in the craftbook
    • Items on shelves blocks are now visible in minimap
    • Custom craft grid backgrounds according to nearby addons


    • Apples will no longer spawn on normal trees because there is the specific apple tree now
    • Added footstep sound when reaching the floor after a fall
    • Death penalty will now drop all your items with the exeption of quickslots, but no item is lost, just dropped
    • Adjusted minimum tool requirement for biome blocks
    • When a tool is broken it will now emit a sound
    • Grass won’t spawn on snow blocks at map generation anymore
    • Raw wood can be placed as a block now
    • Now tools dropped from blocks will be correctly gathered in inventory
    • The super minimap graphics is more polished now
    • 5 new achievements
    • Revised power of some swords and tools
    • Revamped Giant Skull Graphics
    • Walking mobs try to be smarter, they can even dash blocks from time to time
    • Tweaked some map generator settings
    • The graphics of most blocks is more polished now.
    • Peaceful mobs will now spawn just normal terrain and not on crafted blocks
    • Reduced world save file size by roughly 50%
    • Graphical glitches (lines between tiles or thin black lines on surface) have been fixed
    • Optimized shadow engine
    • Rewrote inventory dragging algorithm: now you won’t miss drags and it will be a lot faster on older devices
    • Depth testing algorithm has been optimized, now it saves up to 30-40% of drawn sprites (especially on new generated maps)
    • Tweaked older foods health bonus
    • Changed roasted meat crafts
    • Changed crafts for old foods
    • Christmas tree statue can be found again with other christmas themed items from snow themed blocks (small chance like with 1.0.5)
    • Decoration blocks (eg. curtains, half blocks) can now be properly placed on sand (and on other blocks which didn’t allow them)
    • Maximum stack count is now 65535, any item over this amount will be lost during merging (but no crashes anymore)
    • Item on shelves will retain uses count and data values (craftnotes, for example, won’t lose their number)
    • Gold Hammer now correctly has a range of 3 blocks (instead of 2)
    • Dark stone/Obsidian veins can now be destroyed with TNT (and not with tools anymore)
    • It’s possible to obtain a bucket of milk from cows while tapping them with an empty bucket in hand
    • It’s now possible to break allowed blocks on top layer with every item selected in quickslot
    • Now thrown items will be launched from player position instead that from the block in which he is
    • Now game interface won’t halt if you have in-app purchases disabled and you click on shop
    • Planted trees will have some variation in height (not all equal anymore)
    • Cacti graphics has been revamped to a thinner version (more coherent)
    • Now bamboo plants drop sprouts that can be used to replant them
    • Mob Spawner has been improved to parametrically handle groups of different mobs with same spawning flags
    • Mob Spawner can now handle the likehood of mobs to spawn on same biome (this allows fine tuning of which mobs are more likely to spawn)
    • Decoration blocks removed by hammer will be pushed outside the block, if space is available
    • Footsteps on half blocks are now correct and related to the half block and not to the real one
    • Below attached blocks don’t get destroyed recursively from a bridge
    • Slain achievements should now be properly unlocked by correct creature type
    • Optimized world structure in memory, now it uses ~30% less RAM for the world

    That’s all… for now!

  • pixbits 12:57 pm on January 12, 2012 Permalink
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    Junk Jack explosives gameplay video! 

    New gameplay video of the upcoming explosive update :D


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