Junk Jack X is almost there!

Hello guys!

We’re glad to tell you that Junk Jack X is almost ready to be sent to Apple. We have almost finished beta testing phase and we’re quite proud of the result so far 🙂

We can’t give you an exact release date but we guess you will be able to play it within some weeks! We managed to implement every feature we planned for the initial release, including 5 different planets. In addition we have already planned some hefty things but they’ll come with updates in the months following the release.

As you may already know we do not like the freemium formula for a game like Junk Jack X. So it will be a paid game: you pay once and get the whole game experience.

The launch price will be 4.99$ and it will be universal.

We hope to be able to announce a precise release date soon, in the meanwhile stay tuned and enjoy some iPad screenshots!




Thanks for all your support in these months 🙂


Working on the new inventory interface..

Hi guys, let’s break the silence with the user interface we’re developing for our new game.

The development is going rather well, we’re quite enthusiast of what’s happening here at Pixbits in these days.

We’re currently working on the equip system and we’re trying to make it either useful either fun and customizable 🙂

There are other features too, can you spot them?


Even if this is not final, it should give you an idea of how it should look like 🙂

We hope you like it! :D

Pixbits Minecraft texture pack!

If you play Minecraft like us, you should check out the pack we are making in our spare time:


This is a Minecraft texture pack with a minimal but yet unique look, heavily inspired from the first Frenden Minecraft texture pack, which we loved (he approved our pack and gave us the permission to take some inspiration!).

A work in progress pack, items and mobs will be added later.


Other images can be found here:


Download link:


This texture pack will be eventually added in Junk Jack too 😀

Tell us what you think in our forums!