Junk Jack X 2.1.7 is available in the App Store!

Hello our dear customers! Here’s a minor update for Junk Jack X. We’re working on a nutritious Summer update but in the meanwhile we had to fix some issues with made the game crash and tune some aspects! We added a bunch of rare iconic treasures to let you have fun while waiting 🙂

Here’s the changelog:


  • a new weather: acid rain has been spotted on Xeno.. beware, it hurts!
  • new dyeable stucco walls
  • new dyeable stucco bricks
  • 3 new types of dyeable wallpapers
  • new grit materials used to craft stucco
  • raw ice from cryo has a new placeable variant
  • compact blocks can now be crafted back to original material
  • more than 90 new rare treasures to discover!
  • new craftable blackboard block
  • new craftable pixel treasures, put them on the blackboard to create pixel art!


  • fixed a bug that occurred when a chest was destroyed while opened by a client
  • fixed bugged behavior of lighting and lava which could lead to infinite lights
  • fixed a crash that occurred on clients joining hosts that started the game without player
  • fixed a crash that occurred on protected multiplayer worlds when a client used explosives
  • holding on an item in the craftbook will even show corresponding forge craft if any
  • messages related to world/chest/explosion protection won’t appear when unintended anymore
  • added a second confirmation dialog to world restore
  • weather shader effects are correctly retained when switching adventure worlds
  • tweaked door physics collision detection to be more precise
  • fixed some bugs which make incorrect mobs (or no mobs) grow in stables
  • fixed some crashes related to mob breeding in stables
  • chests will retain last used page even by clients in multiplayer
  • fixed a glitch when swapping items in creative
  • lighting on equip dummies has been fixed
  • fruits fell down from trees now correctly burn in lava
  • duration and strength of a potion is now shown in extended tooltip
  • some items that were improperly glowing in dark have been fixed
  • rabbits spawner eggs are now available in creative mode
  • fixed a common crash related to explosions and pets
  • fixed crashes that occurred when moving near the edge of the world with pets
  • fixed a crash that involved pets and bridges
  • fixed a crash occurred when using trade scale outside the world bounds
  • message which warns about inability to drink a potion now states the correct type
  • now Spring is an available generation option for new worlds
  • Terra has been “de-springized”
  • fixed white leaves equivalence
  • silver now requires 7 ticks to be smelted into ingots (up from 6)
  • pierce/blunt/magic skill potions now apply the correct bonus
  • extended stats now correctly hides when pressing home button
  • Right Sloped Clay Bricks are now correctly implemented
  • weapons with ammo won’t suddenly break anymore if save ammo stats > 0%
  • seasonal grass now grows on seasonal dirt (eg. spring and autumn biomes)
  • Bone Column now has 100% of drop rate
  • fixed a bug which turned collars into milk while trying to capture a cow with inventory full
  • extended stats now properly show all 4 possible potion buff timers
  • fixed wrong graphics on the “time for a better home” achievement
  • added some missing reagents to chemistry potions
  • fixed wrong sounds on some blocks
Stay tuned for more updates! 😀