Updated overview map

Hi, today we want to share the progress made in the deeps of the Junk Jack world.

There are lots of things to mine and bricks to gather (Hell caves too!).ย A lot of tweaking is still needed as always, but we’re slowly getting there.

Back to tweaking now! ๐Ÿ˜€



28 thoughts on “Updated overview map

  1. Man, the Junk Jack world is going to be massive :). Can’t see the surface in this picture but I’m assuming this might be the deepest parts of the underground or does it go deeper? Can’t wait to start collecting things in the world of Junk Jack! Cheers!


  2. GREAT PROGRESS, as ALWAYS! You guys are such geniuses and are going to bring JOY to everyones eyes. Is this gonna be able to run on ipod touch 2g? You have a lot of customers with older equipment and If they could download this on their 2g device, you guys would make so many people happy! Im excited, but once I find out its only for the 3g and up…imma be sad face ๐Ÿ˜ฆ BUT GREAT WORK BESIDES THAT!!!


  3. I sure hope you’ve made sure that you’ve gotten the ‘OK’ to sell this game from Re-Logic, unless you want a risk of attack by lawyer for copyright infringement (Or perceived infringement).


  4. Uhhh…James…are you stupid? There is no copyright infringement here. It might take a few things from Terraria and Minecraft, but so what. THERE ARE SOOO many Halo, Call of Duty, etc rip-offs and nobody is getting sued moron. So DONT BE A DOWNER. This is a HAPPY ๐Ÿ™‚ BLOG! They are doing great so dont piss on their creativity and happiness. GOOD DAY ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. OK man your starting to get on my nerves. You OBVIOULSY dont know ANYTHING. Theyve been saying that the game is SUPPOSED to be like Terraria and Minecraft…which OBVIOUSLY means they DID their “research”. Now PLEASE go back to lawschool and quit trolling. PIXBITS ITS OK YOUR AWESOME! DONT WORRY YOU WONT GET SUED ๐Ÿ™‚ HAHAHA IM EXCITED!


  6. You never know with copyright laws.

    It still should be a courtesy at the very least, kind of like when valve asked the bioshock developers if it was ‘Okay’ to use the Vita-Saw in their game due to it looking like an ADAM syringe.


  7. Since I cannot reply to people’s replies for whatever reason I’ll put my response here.

    From the looks of it it seems like a cross between 4 games.

    Terraria, Minecraft, Scuba, and Spelunky.

    It copies several aspects from Terraria directly like the Jungle area and the Hell area, because of this they are at risk of copyright infringement. They need to add more to make it unique to itself rather than importing features from a game they’ve not asked permission to use. If they don’t they’re much more at risk of violation of copyright.


  8. #1 I don’t think Re-Logic can copyright the Hell or a Savage Jungle
    #2 Minecraft made the Hell before Terraria
    #3 There are countless copy-paste of Minecraft, and certainly some of Terraria
    #4 This game is different enough of Terraria, In multiple aspects.
    And yes, I am still a fanboy of Terraria.
    With love from TO


  9. You cannot copyright the jungle concept, but you can copyright the implementation.

    Minecraft and Terraria’s hell is vastly different, not so much for Terraria and Junk Jack’s.

    Yes there are, however I don’t know if they have gotten permission or not and they may already have paid royalties.

    It’s not released yet, so we cannot tell, however it’s very clear that it’s ‘inspired’ heavily by Terraria which can cause issues.


  10. Well, let’s wait and see, but I don’t think something will happenin the legal side. Re-logic got better things to do.


  11. I doubt anything will happen either, however it’s better safe than sued for several hundred thousands of dollars you don’t got.


  12. While you can copyright game art, you cannot do much as far as copyrighting game mechanics or ideas. The idea of having a jungle cave or a hell cave is completely uncopyrightable. Even in this jacked up legal system.

    Unique does not matter. In fact, it can be the *exact* same game as long as there is nothing directly copied (i.e. art, assets, code, or music).

    Even though Junk Jack draws inspiration from these titles, there is no legal action that can be taken against them for doing so, for the exact same reason there is little or no legal action that can be taken against the countless other clones of games on the app store.

    So rest your little hearts, Junk Jack will be just fine.


  13. Also Nintendo copyrighting ‘Massively Singleplayer Game’ and other such nonsense.

    Copying people’s genetic code…

    list goes on ๐Ÿ˜


  14. Hello
    If I wanted to sell my own brand of chocolate milkshakes do you think I would be sued just because it was someone elses idea ?
    In everything anyone thinks of there are aspects from other peoples creations
    For example in teraria there is mining ,minecraft has mining and so do many other games this doesn’t mean that there all going to sue teraria
    Junk jack looks like it will have many original aspects that are going to be different from other games so James please don’t keep on saying that pixbits are going to get sued
    But everyone is being just a little bit mean, I’m sure that James didn’t mean any harm ,he was probably just trying to help ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway bravadowafflestudios explained perfectly why pixbits can’t get sued ๐Ÿ˜€
    You should just have a little look at that James if your still not convinced that pixbits can’t get sued ..
    Aaaaaaaaanyway …….



  15. true, true, and they didn’t because if you read what they had said about terraria (NiteRhino) then you would realize that they stated that they didn’t even know about terraria when they started development (which seems like a fat lie because this game seems to have a lot of similar things like hellish area bottom of map, and underground glowing mushroom fields -_-) and to NiteRhino don’t get pissy because he said something that wasn’t positive about the game, free-speech


  16. Those would be terms in a trademark. Trademark and copyright are very different beasts. ‘Edge’ and ‘Massive Singleplayer Game’ are both trademarked terms, not copyrighted game mechanics. In developing RoboHero, we’ve looked extensively into these exact issues, that’s why I can say these things with relative certainty.

    Of course, if you get huge, you’re gonna get sued no matter what. So that’s why a corporation is a nice added layer of protection.


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