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    Junk Jack X 2.1 Christmas Update is out! 

    Hi guys and gals, the Christmas update with a complete new planet and many other features and fixes is here! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you by the Pixbits Duo!


    Here are the new features:


    • 2 new iaps
    • a complete new ice planet, Cryo, has been added! Who will discover it first?
    • more than 40 new mob types with man new unique loots
    • new frozen music tracks by Bright Primate
    • weather system: rain and snow have been implemented! More weathers will come in the future!
    • craftable fireworks: up to 4 stages mixed with your own dyes for a total of ~50000 different possible fireworks
    • a new powerful ore used to craft strong tools and armor
    • more than 10 new placeable blocks
    • more than 10 new placeable objects
    • more than 10 new alien plant types
    • Terra is now Christmas themed!
    • new discoverable Christmas gifts!
    • new placeable Snow Man
    • new placeable Christmas lights, stockings, baubles and bells
    • new placeable Christmas wreath
    • 3 new Christmas themed plant types
    • 2 new Christmas themed trinkets
    • craftable paper wrapping to wrap items into gifts and give them to your friends!
    • a new rare Christmas tree sapling to discover
    • 10 new delicious Christmas cooking recipes
    • 4 new rare statues
    • 3 new unique armor sets
    • 3 new unique weapon sets
    • many more new unique and craftable weapons and equipments
    • new crafting materials and recipes to discover
    • the rare falling star is back!
    • gem enchants don’t give total immunity to elements anymore but 25% damage reduction
    • all immunities in equip have been tweaked and balanced to reflect the new resistances
    • immunities become resistances: they are not ON/OFF anymore but they’ll reduce damage from 0% to 100% like defenses
    • added an automatic check that will ask to try to recover your world if game crashed during loading
    • you can set your favorite world by holding your finger on its button in world list
    • added a button in creative mode which can stop and start world time
    • togglable extended tooltips for items
    • advanced shader graphical effects for sky with weather (available with a togglable option)
    • a longer section that explain equip bonuses in the tutorial


    • premium items bought as IAPs can’t be added to trades anymore
    • you can now tap items in a trade to see their names
    • fixed a physics issue with items pushed away from tiles being filled by the player
    • global chest locks now blocks forges too
    • chest locks can now be applied on forges
    • crafts that require specific materials (water/milk buckets, milk glass) will now give the empty container back (when you have room and it is appropriate for the craft)
    • changed rough violet rock color to green to give more variety to block colours
    • dungeon chest locks can’t be removed with a hammer anymore
    • fixed a bug when removing two equal items from a trade
    • fixed some achievements that were incorrectly reported by the game
    • fixed a crash related to opening a trade with inventory already opened
    • fixed many crashes crashes related to trade updates sent to a client with trade interface closed
    • fixed a crash related to mobs spawned by blocks in multiplayer creative worlds
    • fixed a crash with some accented letters when used in chat
    • fixed a crash when editing a sign that is destroyed by another player
    • fixed (finally) map generation to avoid liquids on bedrock and prevent related crashes
    • fixed a crash related to having items in trade while the other player canceled the trade
    • fixed a crash related to symbols used on inventory slots
    • fixed a crash related to a client that is trying to place item on shelves/showcases
    • fixed a nasty bug that made the game crash after getting disconnected from a game in multiplayer
    • fixed chasing mobs behavior in multiplayer: they now chase the nearest player
    • fixed a crash that occurred sometimes on clients on connection drop
    • fixed a crash related to “Hold to Break” option that incorrectly reset the periodic break
    • fixed a crash caused by a client trying to gather item in a multiplayer game
    • many other bugfixes, tweaks and improvements


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    Junk Jack X 2.0.5 Thanksgiving update has been submitted to Apple 

    Hi guys, sorry for the long silence, usually that means we’re working hard! We’re proud to announce that the new Junk Jack X Thanksgiving update with many multiplayer improvements, fixes and new features has been submitted to Apple!


    Here are the new features and improvements/bug fixes:


    • 4 new IAPs
    • added throwable spawner eggs to spawn mobs in creative for fun!
    • pine cones will now spawn on replanted spruce trees
    • rewrote the fruit management algorithm, now it manages spawning fruits on all parts of a multi leaves tree
    • new rare themed equip items
    • new autumnal biome on Terra
    • new rare Cornucopia containing Thanksgiving loots
    • new replantable chestnut tree
    • new replantable pomegranate plant
    • new replantable sunflower
    • new turkey mob
    • new squirrel mob
    • craftable bamboo blowgun to shot fruit seeds
    • a new rare toy: beachball. toss it around and then push it!
    • a new craftable toy: paperplane. throw them!
    • a new category of throwable items, toys. they’re just for fun with friends: throw them and them push them around with your finger!
    • setting the spawn point through beds now works in multiplayer
    • sleeping in beds now works in multiplayer
    • sofas now automatically attach to other sofas
    • a total of 8×5 + 8x7x8x15 = 6760 possible furniture combinations to be built!
    • 15 craftable paints to dye furniture liners
    • 8 sets of liners that can be applied on each different furniture piece
    • 8 sets of furniture made by 12 pieces each
    • new wood widget used to craft advanced furniture
    • woodworker bench: a new addon that took all crafts of carpentry bench
    • carpentry bench is now used to craft advanced furniture
    • a sixth special difficulty mode: hardcore! If you die your player is directly deleted, no way back.
    • 5 difficulty levels: peaceful, easy, normal, hard, very hard
    • 100+ achievements have been implemented!
    • 4 craftable world locks block to prevent clients placing or removing blocks within their range
    • craftable locks to prevent clients from accessing your chests
    • a trade window to do safe trades with people has been implemented
    • 4 new mannequins items can be crafted to display your equip
    • created a dedicated section to multiplayer options
    • added an option that prevents placement and destruction of blocks by clients when hosting
    • added an option to disable user explosions when hosting multiplayer games
    • added an option that prevents clients from opening chests while hosting a world
    • added an option that prevents clients from freeing items from shelves
    • added an option to disable statistics in online games to save bandwidth


    • dynaslimes explosions now correctly work in multiplayer
    • added a sound to chat messages
    • simple bed now requires leaves instead that cloth
    • increased throw power of bows
    • tripled arrow craft output
    • rewrote some critical parts of the physics engine to perform better
    • coconuts will possibly spawn on the whole palm (not only on the top block)
    • added an option to disable some console messages that could be annoying after a while
    • iron and jail doors are now immune to explosions (like metal blocks)
    • modified tap to attack algorithm to hit all mobs near to the tap instead that just one
    • fixed a bug that didn’t allow to craft the 999th item in the output slot of craft grid
    • fixed a bug that allowed to craft encrusted items without gem requirements
    • fixed a bug with IAP bought items in inventory
    • fixed a bug with simple craft that allowed to craft with infinite resources in ammo slot
    • disallowed tilde (~) character in player and world names to avoid file saves problems
    • blocked ammo slot to allow just ammo items to be placed there
    • old furniture pieces have a worn out look
    • armor chest piece have now customized hands look
    • blocks and objects now have a 100% chance of dropping their relative treasure
    • revamped iron tools to be more different from stone tools
    • metal armor pages are now easier to find
    • maximum mobs present on screen at once decreased
    • fixed some object wrong hand placement offsets
    • changed placeable thick stone tool breakability to iron
    • increased stone layer height on terra
    • decreased huge dynaslime max jump height value
    • revised some mobs damage – health according to their planet difficulty
    • fixed zombie ghost wrong health (it was really too strong!)
    • fixed blueberry and blackberry biscuits inverted graphics
    • fixed weapon stand floating graphics
    • birds have been added to terra surface
    • advanced leather boot crafts fixed accordingly to other leather boot crafts.
    • fixed some typos in option menu tips
    • fixed long red carpet missing back layer variant
    • decreased damage dealt by some mob bullets damage
    • customized messages for blocks that require strong tools
    • fixed a small bug with item name tooltip that wasn’t disappearing after craft
    • fixed movement bonus values shown in stats panel which were imprecise
    • renamed Blackberry to Raspberry
    • added missing pages amount in craftbook index
    • slightly increased craftbook page drop chance
    • radically reduced stabled mobs food intake over time
    • bronze block can no be crafted bag to ingots
    • fixed a bug that made some craft recipes emit light
    • fixed crashes while swimming at the top of the world
    • fixed crashes when removing portals at the top of the world
    • fixed titanium arrows: now they can be properly shoot
    • fixed a graphical glitch that created blinking small artifacts at the bottom of the map
    • fixed spawn position algorithm on map generation to avoid spawning in liquids
    • fixed various minor graphical bugs
    • fixed various minor bugs

    That’s all, for now! We’ll let you know as soon as the new version is approved and live on the AppStore!

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    Junk Jack X v2.0.1 is out! 

    Hello followers!

    Junk Jack X version 2.0.1 has been finally approved by Apple! We had to wait a lot of days this time, we guess because Apple was busy with its new products..

    This minor version addresses first batch of bugs and issues reported by users and tweaks some aspects of the gameplay.


    • added a marker in super map which shows last tile in which you died (to help you find your goods)
    • added a save reminder which reminds you to save while playing, the reminder is togglable by a new option in Misc enabled by default
    • added an option in Misc to rename or edit gender, skin or hair style of your player
    • added an option in Misc which disables dropping items upon death when playing as client in automatch games
    • added a cooldown of 60 secs that prevents you from dropping your inventory while dying just after entering a world (either single or multiplayer)
    • added a bad words filter for multiplayer char in Options->Misc
    • lowered the volume of drag and drop sounds
    • wurstel craft added
    • the bed craft is available at the beginning
    • fixed some objets hardnesses and wrong tool requirements
    • revamped placeable sand block graphics
    • fixed purple iris missing pixels
    • increased iron quantity in terra
    • increased coal near the surface in terra
    • some mobs will now be hurt when in full daylight
    • mobs light spawn settings tuned in terra
    • fine tuned the spawn settings for the other planet mobs
    • reduced terra critters spawn chance
    • tweaked four clover drop rate
    • tweaked terra rocks height and distribution
    • bed now restores full health
    • added an option to reset beginner tips
    • radically increased treasure despawn time
    • radically increased even more despawn time of items dropped upon death
    • modified save procedures to be safer
    • fixed 2 rare issues which could delete player data or worlds
    • fixed a rare issue that might save a remote world on a client
    • fixed a crash related to dragging item out of forge while they’ve been consumed
    • fixed a crash related to canceling join of a local multiplayer game that didn’t reset correct status
    • fixed a crash related to opening the craftbook or selecting a craftbook craft with simple craft
    • fixed a bug that kept keyboard open on clients when disconnected from host
    • fixed a bug that didn’t drop certain items upon death of a client player with simple craft enabled

    and keep last slot empty option enabled

    • decreased some seth mobs health
    • fixed a bug that prevented client players from using hoe correctly
    • added a tooltip that explains super zoom in minimap
    • added some tooltips to guide players through the first craft with simple craft
    • continuous time is now by default off when installing the game in a new device
    • added a sound when switching inventory subviews (equip, chests, craft grid etc)
    • added a tooltip that warns you that you discovered a new recipe when crafting an item undiscovered in advanced craft
    • added the sound of chest quickstack action
    • removed the useless “close inv. to book” option and corrected the behavior of switched views
    • the bought status of free shop items is now correctly saved between sessions
    • fixed wrong creative world flags for grey wood blocks
    • now the available addon is correctly retained between book and inventory views
    • fixed (hopefully) the sky transitions lag on a4 retina devices
    • fixed the main menu and sky background on wide devices
    • enabled low graphics settings for devices with less RAM by default
    • many other minor fixes and tweaks

    Another minor patch, v2.0.2, is under development and will be sent to Apple soon.

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    Junk Jack X is available in the App Store! 

     Junk Jack X is available in the App Store!


    We are glad to deliver you the best Junk Jack experience ever imagined! A sequel which brings the game to a whole new level with multiplayer, multiple planets, creative mode, liquids, plenty of equipment to customize your character and much more! Plus all the features you loved from Junk Jack (and, we hope, less features you hated!)
    This is not a freemium game, buy it once and enjoy the full game experience!


    • local multiplayer up to 4 players and online multiplayer up to 2 players
    • a creative mode to unleash your creativity and build everything you can imagine
    • a fully featured equip system with more than 390 different wearable items to enhance your adventures or just to make your friends envy!
    • polished pixel graphics, full retina support
    • tenths of wonderful music tracks by Bright Primate
    • intuitive controls: swipe to move and tap to interact with everything
    • an adventure mode that will let you travel between multiple planets with different and intriguing environments
    • liquids to enhance or impede your explorations: avoid dangerous lava or go for a swim in a surface lake!
    • infinite procedurally generated worlds to make every adventure always different
    • a dynamic day/night cycle that blends with wonderful skies in parallax
    • a vibrant lighting engine that will make you enjoy every minute spent in Junk Jack X worlds
    • character customization, you can play also as a female!
    • a rewarding exploration thanks to treasure chests full of cool things
    • more than 750 crafts to be built
    • more than 1600 treasures
    • more than 350 placeable items
    • more than 150 different creatures and monsters
    • explosives, shelves, signs, dyes and all the features you liked in Junk Jack
    • a complete farming system with more than 50 plants, even many alien and exotic plants
    • an in game guide that will teach you how to play
    • two ways of crafting to accommodate even needs of casual users

    This is just the beginning, we already have many ideas for the next updates!
    For every issue just contact us on our forum at

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    Junk Jack X is almost there! 

    Hello guys!

    We’re glad to tell you that Junk Jack X is almost ready to be sent to Apple. We have almost finished beta testing phase and we’re quite proud of the result so far :)

    We can’t give you an exact release date but we guess you will be able to play it within some weeks! We managed to implement every feature we planned for the initial release, including 5 different planets. In addition we have already planned some hefty things but they’ll come with updates in the months following the release.

    As you may already know we do not like the freemium formula for a game like Junk Jack X. So it will be a paid game: you pay once and get the whole game experience.

    The launch price will be 4.99$ and it will be universal.

    We hope to be able to announce a precise release date soon, in the meanwhile stay tuned and enjoy some iPad screenshots!




    Thanks for all your support in these months :)

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    Junk Jack X beta test & teaser 

    Hello everyone!

    We worked hard in the last two months and we’re proud to officially announce that beta testing recruiting is starting right now. You can apply by submitting the form at the following link:

    Please consider the fact that beta testing is useful for us if you help in finding bugs, don’t take it just as an opportunity to play an early version of the game because this will just slow the release, so apply only if you are willing to take this role seriously! Thanks

    Beta Testing will start in some time, as everything is not so ready yet but already in good shape :) Chosen testers will be contacted by mail!

    In the meanwhile, enjoy this short Junk Jack X teaser:

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    Cool hats! 

    Check out some of the cool hats we’re working on!


    These rare items are found underground. Make your friends envy by wearing them in multiplayer! Have a cool hat idea? Post it in our forums.

    More to come! :D

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    Announcing Junk Jack X 

    We’ve been silent for so much time, we feel sorry for that. The reasons behind our lack of news are easy to say: we worked a lot in these months and we had to find the right direction of development before saying anything official. This day has come.

    First of all, we are aware of the new Apple policy which prevents applications which are not wide screen optimised from being updated. This partially breaks our plans but at the same time gave us the opportunity to focus on our new game by turning it in a completely new product before deciding the fate of the original Junk Jack.


    The codename of our new instalment will be Junk Jack X and it is scheduled to be released in Q3 or Q4 of 2013, according to the flow of the development. Now that we bored you enough with miscellaneous infos it’s time to speak about the features of the new game.

    Junk Jack X - The new Title Screen!

    Junk Jack X – The new Title Screen!


    Junk Jack X will have multiplayer that works both with GameCenter, so over the internet, and through BlueTooth/WIFI. At the moment it works with 2 players through GC and with at most 4 players over local connections. In the future we plan to add support fore more players. There is no PvP as it is not our priority at the moment but aside that you will be able to play with your friends while exploring world or building huge houses.

    Junk Jack X - Roaming around

    Junk Jack X – Roaming around


    Your character will be much more customizable compared to Junk Jack. You will be able to customize his appearance (even gender!) and big part of customization comes with equip that you will find and craft in your adventures that will be either aesthetically appealing or useful. When we speak about useful equip that’s because there will be attributes that alter certain aspects like the movement speed, your health, your damage or defenses. More details aren’t available yet since we’re still working on it.

    Junk Jack X - Character Creation Screen

    Junk Jack X – Character Creation Screen


    You will be able to store an arbitrary amount of worlds, you are not limited to three slots anymore, you can even rename them so that you will be able to keep everything organized. You will be able to create creative worlds in which blocks don’t drop anything, you won’t find mobs but you will fly around and build whatever you want with free unlimited resources (and with friends in multiplayer too!).

    Junk Jack X - Underground Mineshaft

    Junk Jack X – Underground Mineshaft


    Worlds will contain liquids. At the moment we are developing water and lava and their behaviour. Having them in a 2D world is not so easy to manage from a gameplay point of view but we start to feel satisfied with them.

    Junk Jack X - Encrusting Items

    Junk Jack X – Encrusting Items


    As most of you already know there will be equippable items, four slots: heads, chests, legs and feed. In addition there will be a fifth slot which will be used for special trinkets that will have their usefulness providing special bonuses or whatever.

    Junk Jack X - The Forge

    Junk Jack X – The Forge


    Crafting will be split in two ways: the traditional mode, that is the one with the craft grid (to which you are used to), and a simpler way in which you will be able to craft things directly through the craftbook. This second way is meant to be used by more casual gamers and, to counterbalance its behaviour, we had to include crafting times (just for the simple mode) which are roughly equivalent to the time you would need in traditional crafting.

    Junk Jack X - New improved Craftbook

    Junk Jack X – New improved Craftbook


    We could say that the whole graphics have been redrawn. In addition many small things have been implemented to provide a more appealing experience like smoke and sparkles over torches, parallax skies, a smooth lighting engine and much more!

    Junk Jack X - Flowing Liquids

    Junk Jack X – Flowing Liquids


    We couldn’t release a new Junk Jack game without music from our friend BrightPrimate so rest assured that another fantastic soundtrack is already in development and we’re really proud of it so far!


    • Forges will be completely revamped: now they use fuel and produce items in a way more similar to Minecraft
    • Encrusting will be completely revamped: bonuses are applied generically to all weapons, tools and equip pieces
    • The craftbook will be really light years ahead the current one in terms of usability
    • There will be more kinds of weapons that are more or less effective against specific monsters
    • The addon system has been revised and enlarged to be more consistent for the whole crafting experience
    • All of the cool features of Junk Jack will still be present in Junk Jack X though refined or improved
    • Many more things!


    Oh, we almost forgot to say. Since Apple ruined our plan, our first priority became moving Junk Jack X in a new dimension. We’re proud to announce the fact that Junk Jack X will have planets and different themes! There will be an adventure mode, in addition to single worlds which are created like in our previous game.

    Junk Jack X - New worlds to discover

    Junk Jack X – New worlds to discover

    The adventure starts right from the same planet of the original Junk Jack, while exploring you will be able to find portal pieces that, assembled, will let you travel to new undiscovered worlds in which you will be able to find different blocks and materials for your crafts, strange and powerful mobs and completely different moods.

    Junk Jack X - New Biomes

    Junk Jack X – New Biomes

    Of course, before being able to generate a world of a specific theme, you will need to discover it through adventure mode! Otherwise all of the fun would be ruined :)

    Junk Jack X - World Creation Screen

    Junk Jack X – World Creation Screen

    Regarding price, we haven’t decided anything yet. The only thing that it is sure is that this will NOT be a freemium app as you all know what we think about freemium and Junk Jack.

    Junk Jack X - New adventures await you and your friends!

    Junk Jack X – New adventures await you and your friends!

    Good, that’s all for now, keep tuned for future updates, in the meanwhile just enjoy the screenshots which are all in-game screenshots but mind that everything is still WORK IN PROGRESS so things can change!

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    Junk Jack 1.2.4 – St Valentine Update is out! 

    Hello people!

    Apple just approved version 1.2.4 of Junk Jack that removes the Chrismas theme (finally we’d say) and brings some minor fixes and some stuff for St Valentine!

    New Features:

    • Removed Christmas theme and mobs
    • New St. Valentine bunny!
    • New rare St. Valentine Chest
    • New St. Valentine Bow
    • New St. Valentine Arrows
    • Tiny consumable St Valentine hearts can be found in the world
    • New rare Spider statue
    • New rare Stone Golem statue
    • New rare Worm statue
    • New rare Mummy Pharaoh statue

    Bug Fixes:

    • Falling on blocks will make the correct block sound
    • The inventory outline for the cactus is now correct
    • It’s possible to hold on an item in a craftbook page to open its craft page (if it’s craftable)
    • It’s possible to hold on an addon label in a craftbook page to open its craft page
    • Player doesn’t get stuck inside blocks anymore when placing blocks on him
    • Wrapped ribbon decoration can now be placed on blocks adjacent to player
    • Jungle tree now makes the right sound when hit

    As you can see this update is minor compared to the huge updates we did so far, this because we’re so busy building the foundations for the sequel of Junk Jack that we simply couldn’t do better than this. We hope you understand that :)

    Now go and update the game on your devices, have fun with Junk Jack!

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    New crafting methods in our future game 

    Hi miners!
    Let’s talk about the new crafting features that will be present in our future game:

    there will be two different way of crafting things: advanced and simple mode. Advanced crafting will be exactly like the current one while, with simple mode, you will be able to craft items directly from the craftbook.


    This is not meant to give advantages to players who decide to play in simple mode, that’s why the latter option sacrifices 10 slots of inventory (the craft grid and the output are not present in simple mode). In addition, every craft requires time which is proportional to the difficulty of the craft (so that the time required to craft in simple mode resembles roughly the time needed to arrange items in the grid in advanced mode).

    The craftbook interface is getting a major revamp for both crafting modes: you won’t need to switch between hundreds of pages anymore. Every available item will be categorized and shown in a comfortable grid so that browsing crafts will be much easier than before.

    Finally, since some of you asked us about it, our policy with respect to In-App purchases will be kept the same: we won’t add anything which could give strong gameplay benefits to people for money.

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